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chemise, leine

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  • pooklaroux
    Hello SCA newcomers list! When you rejoin the Catholic Church after having not been there for years, sometimes they call you a revert rather than a convert.
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      Hello SCA newcomers list!

      When you rejoin the Catholic Church after having not been there
      for years, sometimes they call you a "revert" rather than a convert.
      What shall they call those of us who return to the SCA?

      Please forgive me posting this to this list rather than the SCA
      Garb list -- I read through that list and I don't think I'm a good
      enough sewer to be able to use their help. And I guess I'm not
      just looking for sewing tips, I really want to know what's
      acceptable today and what's not.

      Years ago when I did SCA in college, I had very unpretentious
      not terribly authentic beginner garb, and I was never able to
      afford much better. Even if it fit me now, I think most of my old
      garb is laughable (a green "silk" skirt made of an old fabric
      shower curtain comes to mind.) Virtually everything will need to
      be remade, starting with chemise. Might as well start authentic.

      All the SCA internet resources are WOW -- great! You
      newcomers today are so lucky! There are even
      sites to tell ya which sites to avoid! G! So I thought I might hunt
      about and see what I can learn that might be helpful. And right
      away I ran into a very helpful site -- you have probably seen this


      The only way I ever made chemise aside from t-tunic was the
      "raglan sleeve" method (Make four rectangles...) So this site with
      all the chemise and undershirt info was an eye opener for sure.
      But I have a dumb question. I learned to make chemise from
      watching someone do it and asking questions, reading sewing
      instructions is not my forte (I am not a great sewer, don't use
      commercial patterns much.) At a certain point in the text it says
      "If you're going to pleat the top of the body pieces, do it now..."
      and then later it says "If you're not pleating, run a casing along
      the neck and sleeve edges...but this isn't documentable..." This
      is going to sound ridiculously ignorant but -- can anyone point
      me to a clear description or more info about this pleating? I may
      also have to
      sew everything by hand, because I got my sewing machine out of
      storage and it is jammed. Oh goodie!

      Some other basics of chemises I wanted to clarify

      1) now off the shoulder wenchie chemises are considered
      rennie and are generally unacceptable?

      2) cotton (like cotton gauze) is discouraged? Must go with linen?

      3) "bag-like" sleeves for Irish/Scottish leine? (I have an old Deva
      kimono that has these kinds of sleeves, not hard at all to make,
      but is this for real?)

      4) and while we're on that, saffron-colored leine for some celtic
      personna? And where might I go to see examples of saffron
      colored linen? Only color chemise that was ever acceptable
      years ago was any color of white or cream. Got major hassled
      over a pink one (got washed with a red gown) and a light blue
      one (recycled bedsheet -- thought it was white until I got it out
      into really bright light) I remember
      seeing a presentation years ago from a group that dyed wool
      with period dyestuff and different mordants, and I remember
      thinking that all sounded tricky. Is there a modern cheat, like a rit
      or a dylon color, that would be acceptable? Like 10-ft rule okay?

      I don't have access to all the resources of a University library
      anymore. I used to look at the oversized art books for inspiration,
      the net is now likely to be info source #1 at least for now. If I'm
      going to make authentic garb, might as go all the way.

      Anyways, thanks for help. Great to see a list for SCA
      newcomers. Could have avided some major gaffes at my first
      events with help like this first time thru.

      for now call me "Pook"
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