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Subject: A question I have.

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      Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 04:14:09 -0000
      From: "C. Jackson" <cjacksonii@...>
      Subject: A question I have.

      I've been tempted off and on to try and get involved with the SCA.
      The only real thing that's been holding me back is that none of the
      personas I do at renaissance faires, according to some people in the
      local SCA groups, are "in period" either by time period, or by
      costuming. (One of the three, I can agree with that and wouldn't
      think of trying to do it in the SCA anyway.)

      [One piece of reference for my post: I live in the Dallas, TX, and it
      does get quite warm during the summer.]

      The two I would want to do are a barbarian type persona, and a pirate
      type persona.

      According to the garb nazis that have tried to agrue with me on this
      topic, the pirate character wouldn't be in period because they didn't
      show up until the 1600s. [According to my research, there were
      pirates in the 1500s.....in fact, according to my research whenever
      there's nautical travel, there will always be pirates.] The second
      argument on the pirate character is how I dress when I'm doing a
      pirate: wrap pants, boots, and a vest[barechested under the vest]. I
      personally dress for comfort with this character. One person kindly
      sent me some documentation on nautical wear for the period, and I
      felt it was a bit too much to wear, to be comfortable. Also, what
      documentation is there that says that pirates DIDN'T go barechested
      on board a ship, especially in warmer climates like the Caribbean for

      The second character I've been hassled about, and I was only
      discussing it with someone in the SCA, is the barbarian persona. When
      I'm doing a barbarian, I normally dress along the fantasy style
      [loincloth, boots, etc.]. I found no documentation anywhere that says
      that barbarians didn't dress like that, nor did I find any
      documentation on what they did wear.

      [For point of reference only, the third character, of which I have no
      doubt is not period, and I wouldn't do it EVER if I got involved in
      the SCA.....unless there was a costume party of sorts where it would
      be appropriate, is a mythological minotaur character.]

      So, my question is this: What is the opinion of most SCA people
      dealing with these types of costuming? Is it all "You have to wear so
      much that you're unfomfortable?" It's really this type of attitude
      that has prevented me from getting involved with the SCA.

      [On a side note, if it was cold, I could understand dressing warmly,
      and would definately dress warmer when it's cold during the winter. I
      can also understand about wearing plenty of armor if I'm doing heavy

      C. Jackson

      My hubby and I both wear tunics to events. Perfectly period; single layer;
      light weight cotton or linen. I have no intentions of ever wearing later period
      I generally don't go to events in the high point of summer because of the

      I'm not a "garb nazis" I don't really care what you wear, how it's put
      together, or the fabrics you use. But here are a few things to think about.

      Here in Trimaris (Florida) we have people that wear Greek during the summer
      because of the heat.

      The reasons that pirate wouldn't go barechested are:
      so that they don't get sunburned,
      it's colder on the water then on land with the wind blewing all the time,
      it was the culture of the time to cover up.

      Barbarian of the period in the old world would be coming from cooler
      climates, and would be wearing more then a loincloth. However, you could probably get
      away with it, if you have an African persona or Native American persona.


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