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Speaking Forsoothly

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  • ankashai
    Greetings all, and thank you in advance for your help. I ve only been in the SCA for a few months, so I m the position of not-quite- new and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2003
      Greetings all, and thank you in advance for your help. I've only
      been in the SCA for a few months, so I'm the position of not-quite-
      new and not-quite-experianced, but somewhere in between. There are a
      lot of things that I'm still sort of circling around and trying to
      find the right way to do ( for example, I'm learning light weapons
      and I'm still having trouble with managing chivalry without going
      overboard to plain stupidity and getting myself 'killed'. I'm the
      sort of person most likely to cut off someones legs and then stand
      way to close because it doesn't quite seem polite to stay out of
      their range or duck. Working on it! ), and one of the things that's
      high on that list is speaking forsoothly, and more specifically
      giving compliments.

      At the last event I went to (Coronation), there was an auction
      melee fight. Each melee team ( five fighters ) was 'bought' by
      someone, usually a lady, and the team would fight for that person.
      One team in particular was particularly chivalrous to me, led by a
      fighter who managed to fit all my ideals of the perfect knight. They
      always asked their lady's blessing for anything they did ( even using
      the trees to their advantage), saluted the opponent's lady, very
      polite on and off the field... it's a long list, but the end result
      is that they and esp. their leader really stood out to me that day.

      The question is, what's the 'right' way to basically go over to them
      and say ' you guys rock'. It should be mentioned that I'm a teenage
      female (I'm 17, though I'm often told I can pass for older) whose
      just starting to get over her fear of pointy hats and belts ( what
      can I say? Knights sort of remind me of police officers, and I'm
      nervous around those too! )


      - Hawke, who needs waaaaay more sleep.
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