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  • Tina Paxton
    ... Milord, I think it is a huge difference! As I see it, it is the difference between just wanting recognition and wanting to be worthy of recognition. The
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 25, 2003
      on 10/25/03 9:52 AM, Dan Baker at Capten_Rhys@... wrote:

      > Sometimes The Laruel will ask you, sometimes you have to chase one down.
      > Kind of long, but here goes a story of prersistance. Keep in mind this is
      > my opinion and what happened to me, other's stories vary a lot. And many
      > will disagree with my statments.
      > I remember the first time I met my Laurel, he wasn't one at the time. But,
      > never the less, I was impressed with him. Seemed to click right from the
      > start. A couple years later, he was a Laurel and KMOAS (Kingdom Minister of
      > Arts and Sciences). I ran into him at an event and was again very impressed
      > and started thinking this was a person I wanted to emulate, both in skills
      > and as a person. Next time I met him I brought up the question of becoming
      > an apprentice or student of his and he told me that he was not taking any
      > more students until he left office. After he left office I talked to him
      > once again. His main question to me was. "Why do you want to become a
      > Laurel?" I was a bit surprised by it. But after a bit of thought. I
      > realized that I didn't nessasarly want to become a laurel, I wanted to
      > become what a Laurel is or should be. Small differance, but in my mind an
      > important one.

      Milord, I think it is a huge difference! As I see it, it is the difference
      between just wanting recognition and wanting to be worthy of recognition.
      The first is pride, the second is a humble desire for self-improvement.

      > (ok, this is the opinion part)
      > To me, becoming a Laurel, and wearing the badge is not very important.
      > Don't get me wrong if I ever become one, great, and I will be proud of it.
      > What I want is to become a teacher, and develop in others the desire to
      > learn, and the love of the depth of the arts and sciences in the SCA that I
      > have.

      See, that is exactly why I joined the SCA...because I love to learn and
      share knowledge and that is what I see in the SCA...a love of knowledge and
      the desire to instill that love in others.

      > Both of our Laurels are more concerned with teaching us to be Peers, not in
      > teaching us crafts. You can always take a class on crafts, learning to be a
      > Peer is much harder, much more enjoyable, and very worth the effort. Taking
      > on an apprentiship is a life long endeavor that does not really end with
      > becoming a Laurel. It is a friendship that should last a lifetime. Nor
      > does it help you only as a part of the SCA. What you learn from your Laurel
      > should teach you to be a better person in real life as well. Better skills
      > with people, better relationships with your spouse and family. Don't drop
      > it just because you are not wearing garb that day. It is a long path and
      > you need to walk it everyday. Your Laurel is there to offer you a bit of
      > help with the rough spots, and to occasionaly point in the right direction.

      Sounds like a wonderful relationship and experience.

      > The is an old statement that I truly agree with... Peers are not made, they
      > are recognised. In other words the King does not make you a Peer, only you
      > can do that. By the time the King does it formally, the others around you
      > will already know you are truely a Peer.
      > --
      > In service to the dream,
      > Lord Rhys, Capten gen y Arian Lloer
      > Privateer to the Midrealm
      > Arafu at dawnsio mewn adlaw
      > (Take time to dance in the rain)
      > Cymru am byth ("Wales Forever")

      Thank you, Milord for this wonderful response. It has made my desire for
      such a relationship even stronger than before. I hope I can experience such
      a relationship as you and your lady have.


      Cristiane de Paxtoun
      MKA Tina Paxton
      Shire of Seareach
      Apprentice, Companions of the Silver Spindle
      Atlantian Embroiderer's Guild
      Keepers of the Clewe
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