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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Question on changing name "offically"

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  • Dave & Megan
    http://www.moonshadowstitchery.com/athenais/projects/handbook/a2a_name_form_lines.pdf Has the name submission form for Aretemisia. It s pretty much the same
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2003
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      Has the name submission form for Aretemisia. It's pretty much the same as for my kingdom so I am assuming that you can register your new name as a primary name and either reserve your old name as an alternate or include a letter releasing your old name so that someone else could register it. I am still pretty new at this but I believe what happens is when you register a new primary name is that your old name automatically becomes an alternate unless you release it. (Just for the record, Aretemisia seems to have left off the check box for 'change' which is right above 'change of holding name' but they are separte choices.

      http://www.artemisia.sca.org/heraldry.htm has all the forms and such you will need, as well as explinations of various things and you can find a Herald to talk to at
      http://www.artemisia.sca.org/regnum.htm#herald if you aren't sure who your local herald is.

      Gwenhyfar Stuart
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      From: Garrett
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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Question on changing name "offically"

      Is it possible (and how hard is it) to change one's resisted name
      with the SCA?

      I used to be very active in the SCA about 13-14 years ago (damn, I'm
      getting old!) Back then I registered my name and device. (Eric von

      My persona was a German Templar type. I was single, loved to fight
      in wars, liked the German armor, ect ect..

      Now, I'm looking to starting to get active again. Since I've last
      played I've learn to speak Spanish (lived in south America for a
      couple of years), gotten myself married and now have three kids.

      So, rather then being a Spanish-speaking German Templar with a wife
      and kids, I'm toying with the idea of changing my persona... I'm
      thinking 11th Century Christian Spaniard.

      I would love to keep my registered device and just change my name.
      Is that possible, how does on go about doing that? I now live
      Artemisia. The name and device were resisted in Caid. If that makes
      any difference.

      Thank you
      Eric von Wald
      Garrett Flores

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