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That's right, another newbie...

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  • cpr4cpu
    I m not sure how many time s I ve read that in the reading of the 5000 or so posts. Well I won t tell you I read ALL of them, but I did scan through them from
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2003
      I'm not sure how many time's I've read that in the reading of the
      5000 or so posts. Well I won't tell you I read ALL of them, but I
      did scan through them from #1 to current.

      I've known of the SCA for many years now. My first introduction was
      not the best. I went to a fighter practice, and then to a one day
      event, oh, I would guess 6-7 years ago. When I expressed my lack of
      interest in Chiv Fighting, well, it was accepted poorly. Now I
      wasn't rude about it, I just said it wasn't for me. Apperantly in
      this small group, my being 6'6" and, shall we say, well fed, yet
      still very mobile?, didn't seem to sit well. Fun was poked, and
      while I brushed it off...it still left me with a bad taste in my

      Now I've friends who have been long time members of the SCA, but
      tapered off activity due to mundane world obligations. Here recently
      they have decided to get more active...and have talked me into giving
      the SCA another shot.

      I've met several active members, and they seem to be much more
      accepting of the idea that I am not really interested, at this time,
      in donning armor and a ratan sword.

      I am interested in making things, camping, and enjoying the company
      of good folk. I understand there is alot of this to be had in the
      current SCA.

      So, as I said, I'm giving it a serious go. I intend to try making
      furniture, pottery, horn inmplements, and many others. My interests
      lie in tangible products. I imagine there is alot to learn out
      there...and alot of people to teach me.

      I'm considering a Frisian Persona. But don't have my heart set on
      anything Just yet. German is another option...as is Briton. I'm
      actually basing my persona on a set of weapons. Mace's and Hammers...

      The original idea isn't really all that original, the basis at
      least. I've only sketched out the extreme rough story. I saved a
      second or third daughter of a count or baron. She and her guard had
      been ambushed, her guards put up a good fight, but were overcome
      finally. One can only guess they meant to ransom his daughter back,
      or worse. I stumbled across this fracas near the end. Taking a mace
      or hammer (depending on what persona is chosen), I somehow managed to
      overcome the two.

      We fled the scene, and spent two days in the wood, before I could get
      her back home.

      For my efforts I was granted a patent of nobility (albeit very
      minor), a mace or hammer, a coat of arms, and a small manor home for
      myself and decendants.

      While I never truly learned the arts of combat and war, the fine
      weapon presented to me is to become my family's legacy. May we never
      have to lift another in combat.

      It's still very rough, but it's fairly simple, and explains why I
      would have a hammer or mace instead of a sword. Mainly because I
      personally like them.

      I enjoy the research, so it's not a bother, and it gives me something
      to do at work *grin*.

      So any suggestions, I'm very much open to suggestions on making the
      story better, and of course, ideas on which of the era's and
      societies would best fit this story.

      I'm guessing the later periods that the SCA covers is going to be the
      easiest to fit this story. From what I understand, the advent of
      heavier armor made the mace and warhammer a much more viable weapon.

      So please, input and constructive critisism is welcome.

      Jeff (My mundane will have to do for now)
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