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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Greetings and, help please?

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  • Eirene Tzimiskina Kontostephanina
    ... wrote: ... here ... by ... I don t know why SCAdians should look down on Rennies - in many cases their costuming requirements are more stringent
    Message 1 of 8 , Sep 17, 2003
      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Susan Farmer <sfarmer@s...>
      > The Husband was enquiring as to the difference (seems like around
      > alot of Rennies -- especially the fighters -- feel "looked down on"
      > SCAdians). I told him "Ren Faire" was a spectator sport -- granted
      > an interactive one; but the SCA is a Participant Sport. :-)

      I don't know why SCAdians should "look down" on Rennies - in many
      cases their costuming requirements are more stringent than ours.
      They're doing a different "job" than we are, too - one that *I*
      couldn't do!

      'Most every time I tell people I'm in the SCA, the next question
      is, "Do you go to the Renaissance Faire?", so I've answered this
      question quite a bit - just last night as a matter of fact. I
      characterize the Ren Faire as theatre, while the SCA is something
      that we do for each other. That's the short to-the-public answer; of
      course it's much deeper than that, but most people aren't interested
      in more than just the overview.

      I found the SCA at the Kansas City RenFest. I really like going to
      the RenFest, but I go for different reasons than I go to SCA events.
      I think that if people want to entertain or be entertained, they
      should go to the RenFaire; if they want to learn about the Middle
      Ages and Renaissance, go to the SCA. There's no reason why one person
      couldn't do both.

      My husband wants to go the the RenFaire wearing "ask me about the
      *real* Middle Ages" buttons to publicise the SCA to people who went
      to the RenFaire thinking they might be learning about the period. :-)

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