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  • wambat13@juno.com
    Greetings to all from the An Tir Royal Equestrian, I just received the following information from the SCA announcements list. Since it is of specific interest
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2003
      Greetings to all from the An Tir Royal Equestrian,

      I just received the following information from the SCA announcements
      list. Since it is of specific interest to event autocrats and persons of
      the equestrian persuasion, and not everyone is on the SCA announcement
      list, I have cross-posted liberally. My apologies in advance for
      consuming the bandwidth, but this is important and needs the broadest
      dispersion possible. Please feel free to repost to other lists where
      this may be applicable.


      Fionn Bán MacAoidh
      Royal Equestrian

      ---------- Forwarded Message ----------

      Unto the members of the Society, greetings:

      There is quite a bit of confusion surrounding Equestrian insurance
      certificates. Let me try to clear some of that confusion up, if

      As everyone is aware, our insurance must be activated for each occurrence
      in order for equestrian activities to be covered. The question that comes
      up again and again is - what constitutes an "occurrence"? There are two
      types of occurrences for equestrian activities - practices and events.
      The insurance activation policy works a little differently in each of
      these two cases.

      1. Equestrian Practices

      An insurance certificate is required for practices. However, if your
      group holds regular practices, you can order a single $50.00 certificate,
      which will be good for the entire period during which practices will be
      held, up to an entire calendar year (January - December).

      For example, let's say the Barony of X holds equestrian practice every
      Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the same location. One certificate
      is all that is needed for this regularly recurring practice - the Barony
      simply specifies the dates involved (yes, you must actually go to a
      calendar and write down the date of every Wednesday), from 6:00 pm to
      10:00 pm, on their insurance certificate request, pays the necessary
      $50.00 fee, and they're good to go for an entire (calendar) year of
      equestrian practices.

      In order for this to work, a few things must be true: (1) the exact
      dates must be known in advance and specified (for example: August 7, 14,
      21, and 28) - the dates need not be the same day of the week, but all
      applicable dates must be listed; (2) the time must be specified, and be
      for no more than a 12 hour period (such as: Saturdays (list dates), 8 am
      to 8 pm); and (3) the location must always be the same.

      What WON'T work: specifying entire weekends, or periods of more than 12
      hours' continuous duration. Activities of this length are no longer
      practices, but Events. You also may not simply say "every day". You need
      to actually schedule your regular practices in order to be able to insure
      them under a single certificate - this requires some planning on your
      group's part.

      If your site changes, or if the dates or specified times of your practice
      changes, you will need a new certificate, which will need to be paid for

      2. Equestrian Events

      Events are often (not always) of longer duration, and often (not always)
      have other activities going on in addition to equestrian activities. A
      separate insurance certificate is needed for each event, regardless of
      its duration. Events can range from single-day events to multi-week
      events such as Pennsic. Events are advertised as such in newsletters or
      other appropriate media. I believe everyone is capable of using common
      sense to differentiate a practice from an event and applying that
      knowledge in a reasonable way.

      I hope this information helps simplify the whens and how-oftens of
      ordering Equestrian insurance certificates. Remember that they must be
      ordered at least 30 days in advance of the date of the event, or of the
      date of the first occurrence of a regularly-scheduled practice. If you
      have any questions, please contact me or Patricia LaChance in the
      corporate office.

      In service to the Society,

      Meg Baron
      President, SCA Inc.
      Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
      SCA Inc.
      Box 360789
      Milpitas, CA 95036

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