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Re: Is this attitude common?

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  • amazonalys
    Not trying to start something here, but my point was proven by your recitation of facts , I believe. I stated I was quite sure there were pagans in period.
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 29, 2003
      Not trying to start something here, but my point was proven by your
      recitation of "facts", I believe. I stated I was "quite sure" there
      were pagans in period. According to you, clearly there were. After
      all, the SCA covers 6th to 16th century. If you want to have an
      openly pagan persona, just pick an eary period. The early Anglo-
      Saxons (who invaded England in the 6th century) were pagan, albeit
      not for long. The Danes were forced to "convert" by treaty in 878 (I
      believe that year is right.) The Baltic kingdoms, as you pointed
      out, held out until at least the 10th century. And, I'm sorry I
      haven't got documentation, but you can't tell me there weren't people
      with pagan beliefs all throughout history. Just because they were
      forced to hide them doesn't mean they didn't have them. (And since
      we won't be burning people at the stake if they refuse to praise
      Jesus, I see no reason why it would compromise a person's beliefs to
      do any period they wish.)

      Personally, I see no need to bring religion into the mix at all, my
      beliefs are my own and I don't shout them from the rooftops, but if
      it's a person's choice to do so, they can clearly be vocally pagan in
      SCA period.

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, lilolondonnowoeoforwic
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > See, that's tha trouble.. people is "quite sure" but can't document
      > it.
      > By the 10th cnetury even the Norse were Christian.
      > One Dane village had both Christiians and folks hangin' ont to "
      > Old ways", living side by side in harmony in the 9th century.
      > The pagans and barbarians in the baltic kingdoms were the last hold
      > outs, and by the 10th century they became part of the Byzantine
      > empire and .. yes.. converted.
      > The Irish were among the first to convert in the 5-6th century.


      > Bein' yer new,
      > I have a werd of advice... HAVE FUN!!!!
      > bottom line.. and lots of it!!

      This, I agree with you 100%. Why do this if you aren't having FUN?
      I do think if you are going to play, you should play by the rules.
      That covers a whole lot of territory...just make it reasonable.
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