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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Digest Number 375

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  • Laura Klotz
    ... like ... into some ... will be ... Yes, I m definitely planning to look into cotton and linen. But the dress wasn t really all that uncomfortable for how
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3 9:03 AM
      > Actually, I remember seeing you in that gown. It's one of the few I
      > from that catalog :-). If that one isn't cotton, you may want to look
      into some
      > of the SCA merchants who sell 100% cotton and 100% linen clothes; they
      will be
      > cooler than a poly blend.

      Yes, I'm definitely planning to look into cotton and linen. But the
      dress wasn't really all that uncomfortable for how warm it was that day
      (I'm not sure what the fabric makeup of the gown is); mostly I got weary
      from the sun beating down on my dark head all day. I have two medical
      conditions, separate but equally annoying, and they like to gang up on

      > Look for a large oval pavilion with two silk banners outside it - one
      will be
      > alternating diamonds of black and white with a gold upside-down "V"
      (called a
      > chevron) on it, and the other will be blue and white interlocking bell
      > with a black pavilion on it. That will be my and my husband's tent. I
      > think I know Plunder by name, but would likely recognize the person on

      Neat devices! I'm learning to "speak" blazon; so far I've learned the
      words for all the relevant colors. :) Plunder (who is a registered
      herald) has submitted my heraldic device for me, so I'm waiting for that
      to get cleared. My husband hasn't designed one yet, but if mine is
      accepted as it is, it will be "Azure, a seme of crosses fleury Or, a dove
      rising to chief sinister Argent." In plain language, a white dove on a
      blue field patterned with gold crosses. I watched the distribution of
      arms at the crown tourney's closing court, and I thought the scrolls with
      the filled escutcheons were much nicer than those with blank escutcheons,
      so when my time comes I want my device ready for the scroll. ;) Kevin
      (my husband) will probably do something in red and gold, possibly with a

      Argh. Back to work. Have a lovely day everyone.

      Ceinwen merch Hugh
      Pax pietas.

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