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Re: My first SCA event, LOTS of Questions.

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  • dontwait4themessiah
    Just one last note- if you don t mind cheating , polar fleece blankets are your friends. I took one to Rowany Festival (over the Easter Weekend, which is
    Message 1 of 9 , May 30, 2003
      Just one last note- if you don't mind 'cheating', polar fleece
      blankets are your friends. I took one to Rowany Festival (over the
      Easter Weekend, which is mid-autumn where i am), and didn't suffer a
      cond night's sleep. And it wasn't so bad to wear as a makeshift
      dressing gown while waiting for early morning coffee- even if you
      have to put up with the occasional herald making smart remarks about
      you having a teddy bear on your cloak ;)

      Morag the Barde
      Shire Agaricus, Kingdom of Lochac

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Iustinos Tekton called Justin
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      > On Monday 26 May 2003 22:11, bronwynmgn@a... wrote:
      > > > Air Matresses
      > >
      > > Insect repellant is a must, and some sort of mattress, although
      I prefer
      > > the self-inflating closed cell foam ones. Less chance of
      punctures, and
      > > more insulating as you don't have all that cold air to heat up.
      If it's
      > > likely to be cold at night, and you use an air mattress, put one
      of those
      > > silver space blankets, silver side up, between you and the
      > Very good advice. People don't realize that a sleeper loses much
      more body
      > heat into the ground than into the air, in most cases. As a
      Chirurgeon, I
      > have treated people for hypothermia just because they put all
      their blankets
      > on top of them and none underneath. The space blanket will also
      act as a
      > vapor barrier (plastic sheeting will do that, too, but doesn't
      > The ground at night outgasses water vapor, and if your bedding
      gets damp,
      > it can lose most of its insulating properties.
      > [...]
      > > > Dish soap
      > >
      > > If you plan on cooking for yourself/washing dishes. Not usually
      needed for
      > > weekend evetns in my area.
      > An old Boy Scout trick, that I can tell you from experience REALLY
      works well:
      > Before cooking over a campfire, take a generous glob of dish soap
      onto a folded
      > wad of paper towels, and coat the outside of the cook pot
      (stopping about 1"
      > down from the top, so it doesn't get into your food) with soap.
      Coat it fairly
      > thickly. It turns to a gooey mess when the smoke blackens it, but
      that gooey
      > mess will literally wipe/rinse right off during cleanup. Much,
      much, MUCH
      > easier than scouring off black smoke char from pots, especially
      > Don't do this with cast iron cookware, though.
      > >
      > > > FIRST AID KIT!!!!!!!!
      > >
      > > Including any over-the-counter meds you commonly use, and any
      > > meds. It is miserable trying to find someone who has ibuprofen
      or TUMS
      > > when you don't feel well.
      > Another excellent point. SCA Chirurgeons, contrary to common myth,
      > do have over-the-counter medications that you can obtain. We
      Chirurgeons cannot
      > *give* you the medication (that is, we can't tell you what to
      take, suggest that
      > you take something, or counsel you on how much to take), but if
      you specifically
      > ask for something, and we happen to have it in our kits, we are
      allowed to let
      > *you* take it for yourself, as long as you're over 18.
      > What we cannot do, though, is provide any kind of prescription
      medication. That
      > is against Federal law in the U.S. and (I believe) Canada.
      > Great, Brangwayna, post with lots of good advice! I don't disagree
      with anything
      > you said, just wanted to add the Chirurgeon's viewpoint. :-)
      > Justin
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