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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Possible Faux Pas? (and Baron Wars)

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  • Iustinos Tekton called Justin
    ... I can give you several reasons to relax and not worry about this too much: 1. Traffic on email lists (all of them, not just SCA) tends to fluctuate. Lots
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 24, 2003
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      On Monday 24 March 2003 16:57, shmi85 wrote:
      > And I know there are people from both baronies on that
      > list, and all the lists have also been suspiciously quiet and the
      > senschal hasn't sent me anything . . . I guess i feel like i've been
      > given the cold shoulder, but i dont even KNOW if i have, or if i'm
      > making everything up because i'm nervous. It probably doesnt help
      > that after sending these emails off (two weeks ago), I havent been
      > able to go to either of the weekly dance practices because of prior
      > conflicts.

      I can give you several reasons to relax and not worry about this too much:

      1. Traffic on email lists (all of them, not just SCA) tends to fluctuate.
      Lots of people only check their email every few days, and people who
      get a lot of emails daily (like me, for instance) sometimes let their
      list mail pile up for a few days before answering. Silence may mean
      nothing other than that people are busy, or the list server may be
      having problems.

      2. There's a war on, and lots of people are paying more attention to that
      than to their SCA-related email.

      3. Take another look at the last few messages. Maybe those who replied
      to you, and to one another, thought the thread was answered and are
      considering the topic ended unless you ask another question.

      4. Referral to another group is extremely common in the SCA. My group
      does certain activities a lot, others less often. Our neighboring
      groups emphasize different activities. Your questions weren't at all
      out of line, as long as you asked them courteously. Even if your
      wording had been a little blunt, and you were afraid you offended
      someone, you apologized. In my experience, a sincere apology for
      a misunderstanding clears things up about 99.9% of the time.
      See #3 for a reason why they may have gone quiet after your
      apology -- perhaps your apology satisfied anyone who was offended,
      but they accepted the apology while forgetting the original
      question. :-)

      My advice? Go to a meeting in person, introduce yourself, and explain
      face-to-face why you're at Barony B because Barony A suggested it. :-)
      Personal conversations have the body language and facial expressions
      that are missing from email. As one who makes his living as an Internet
      professional, I'm very well acquainted with the importance of that

      > I dunno, maybe I'm just a huge spaz. *smacks herself on the forehead*
      > My other question is about the Baron Wars . . . I'm so EXCITED! But
      > also very unsure about going, in terms of stuff to bring or what have
      > you. I don't have a tent or any camping supplies at all really, and
      > daytripping wouldn't really be worth it for me . . . I dunno, any
      > help on that front?

      Baron Wars is a big, weekend-long camping event. It's an absolute BLAST
      and I highly recommend it! You can day-trip without camping, if you wish.
      Mundane (modern) tents are fine, so don't feel that you need a $700
      pavilion to go and enjoy the event. There has been limited food service
      on site in recent years; last year a household did a "tavern" that they
      dressed up to look surprisingly period, and created a really fun
      atmosphere inside. They served stew and bread and such, and COFFEE!!!
      (Sorry...the Chirurgeon inside me came out for a moment.)

      The peak time of the event is from Friday evening through Saturday
      evening. Many people start to pack up and leave early Sunday morning.
      If you go for the weekend, you can put on clean garb Friday night,
      wear it Saturday, and put your mundanes on Sunday morning to pack
      up. So theoretically, you can get along with one set of garb. I'd
      recommend two, if you can manage it, just in case you spill food or
      something. There's often a Court on Saturday night, so you may also
      want something to change into after the warm part of the day.

      There are bathroom and limited shower facilities on site. If you arrive
      in time Friday, one factor to consider when selecting your campsite is
      proximity to a toilet, unless you don't mind walking a hundred yards
      in the middle of the night through unfamiliar campsites.

      The event typically has "quiet zones" and "party zones" so that each
      camper or group of campers can select their own preference. If you've
      got young children, or you just value sleep more than partying, choose
      the former. If you enjoy all-night revelry, choose the latter. It's
      a good system, and it avoids a lot of potential conflict. :-)

      I'm not sure what other questions you may have, but feel free to post
      them to the list or to me privately. If I recall, there are several others
      besides myself who go to BW each year, so probably the list is a better
      choice so that you'll get replies from more than just me. :-)


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