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Happy Valentine's Day :P

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  • lilolondonnowoeoforwic
    I as anuther missive from er Ladyship o Hightower. HERALD!! Come ere an read this ting!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13 6:39 PM
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      I 'as anuther missive from 'er Ladyship o' Hightower.
      'HERALD!! Come 'ere an' read this ting!!


      After you pick up your card, see what the Cynical Singles of
      Hightower will be doing for Valentines Day...
      that's 20 out of 23 members!!


      HRM AnastasiaThe Innocent has sent you a Care2 e-card!

      To view your card, simply click on this address:


      Sending Care2 e-cards and e-mail helps support Environmental Defense,
      Defenders of Wildlife, and the National Wildlife Federation !


      The Cynical Singles of Hightower are having Medieval Movie Nyghte on
      the the most romantic nyghte of all *cough cough...*
      Valentine's Day...

      There will have death by chocolate as we drown our sorrows in said
      chocolate flavoured treats...
      not to mention buttery popcorn...

      Soppy sappy medieval love stories and I have a tone of them!!!!

      We will begin commiserating with
      "Robin & Marian",,,(the later years) starring Sean Connery & Audrey
      ahhh old people making out... just what the youngin's aught to see!!!

      And what would Valentine's day be without unattainable love?
      "Ladyhawk" is the classical film that is about that very thing...and
      so beautifully made!
      something most of us know all to well, I hope I won't be cleaning
      up buttery popcorn bits off the tellie screen all night long.

      AND for those peeeples that refuse to go home... EXCALIBUR...
      ahhh illicit love, spurned love and does the guy get the girl once
      she's tied to the stake? hmmm
      If you've seen it several hundred times like I have, you'd know!!

      A painful day for many... :P

      Happy Death-by-Chocolate day, everyone.

      big kisses to all,
      Queen/Lady A~* and £i£
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