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MayDay Festival in Hightower

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  • lilolondonnowoeoforwic
    This ere missive is from er Ladyship o Hightower... as if I looks like a bleedin messenger er werse, a bloody erald!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~missive is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      This 'ere missive is from 'er Ladyship o' Hightower... as if I looks
      like a bleedin' messenger er werse, a bloody 'erald!!

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~missive is as follows~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...

      Medieval Movie Night---> Valentine's Day, Friday Feb 14, 6pm @ the
      Queen's palace in Hightower (Toronto). WE will be watching sappy
      medieval love stories twined with chivalrous adventure, so BYOB, BYOF.
      If you live anywhere near our borders, or a Canadian, you may join
      Hightower's egroup in order to partake in our many wonderous
      WE are a living history, medieval recreation society in Empire
      Ironthorn and do not charge membership dues to local or online
      ALL are welcome to play with us.

      As spring approaches, a young man and woman's fancy turns to love.

      We here in Hightower would like to have a Mayday festival on the
      Queen's Holiday Weekend in May!! WE will be having a very period
      bridal show and many more fun activities.

      The contest is open to ALL single lords and ladies of Ironthorn, to
      find the most fairest/desirable (and with the best BRIBES for the
      judges as set out in Byzantine fashion as told in the tale of Paris
      of Troy...see the story at the end of this missive.)
      ..to be crowned bride and groom, king and queen of the Mayday

      The event will take place here in Hightower on the day of Monday May
      19, at Ashbridge's Bay. It is a holiday Monday followed by fireworks
      in the evening, weather pending. Dress warm/period garb.
      An alternative site will be found if outdoor festivities are dampened.

      Revelry will commence on Friday May 16, crash space available. People
      may even camp out on the Queen's estate, and fend off maurading
      raccoons as the froggies & toadies come to spawn in the Royal pond.

      Please note:
      ALL roads lead to Hightower:

      A Coachline--> Interkingdom Friendly
      Greycoach Bus Lines Info

      A MAP of the US
      Details of US map includes Toronto, Ontario (Hightower)

      ASHBRIDGE'S Bay tour:

      There is weekend parking on the street for those driving.

      Please mark your calendars, milords and ladies and start preparing
      those bribes!!!

      I like dry, red, Greek wines, silky gowns, shiny gems and sparkly
      jewels ;;)

      Arts and Sciences should be part of the competition as well. Details
      will follow in the weeks to come.

      ************* Tale of Paris and The Golden Apple *******************
      Once upon a time the three beautiful goddesses Aphrodite, Hera, and
      Athena were sitting at the table. The Goddess of Discord sent an
      apple to the most beautiful. Each goddess claimed possession of the
      apple of discord, a golden fruit inscribed with "to the fairest."
      They asked Paris (a Trojan prince) to decide who was the loveliest.
      Paris tried to decide who was the fairest of them all. With all the
      beauty among each it was hard to choose. Each goddess tried to bribe
      Paris. He decided to pick the one with the best bribe. Hera promised
      him he would be the lord of Europe and Asia. Athena then offered to
      make him the leader of the Trojans. Aphrodite offered him the most
      beautiful woman in the world.

      Paris chose Aphrodite so that he could have Helen. With Aphrodite's
      help, he abducted Helen from King Menelaus of Sparta; thus bringing
      about the Trojan War.

      Yours in Faith, Hope and Love,
      HRM Anastasia the Innocent, Regina Nordterrae,
      First Queen of Hightower, Empire Ironthorn,
      Imperial Chatelaine and Membership Director,
      Vice President of the Imperial Board of Directors.
      Hightower's Court:
      Ironthorn's mainpage:
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