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Re: [SCA Newcomers] General tent advice

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  • fallen angel
    Oh, all of this talk of pavillions is making me jealous. I hope to have my pavillion by Lillies War next June. Do any of you guys have pictures of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2002
      Oh, all of this talk of pavillions is making me jealous. I hope to have my pavillion by Lillies War next June. Do any of you guys have pictures of the "decore" of your pavillions? I need some decorating tips for an early Elizabethian middle-class pavillion. Thanks in advance

      Anastacia Elizabeth

      Iustinos Tekton called Justin <justin@...> wrote:The thread about weekend camping events got me thinking about tents in

      If you are planning to purchase a period tent (and I mean "you" in the
      collective sense, not just Lady Christian), you will want to do your homework
      thoroughly before you go shopping. There is a lot of variation in quality
      between a good tent and a poor one. This is true in the modern tents, too,
      but less money is (generally) at stake.

      The different styles of period tent are also suited for different purposes
      and different camping preferences. Viking A-frames are very quick to set
      up and tear down, but the frames can b hard to transport. Bell wedges are
      attractive and easy to set up and transport, but aren't very efficient for
      space utilization. Marquis and Regency pavilions are extremely comfortable
      to live in, and very space-efficient, but require a lot of room to set up
      and are a lot of work to erect. Yurts are terrific for resisting wind from
      any direction, but can be tricky to set up until you get the hang of it.
      And so on, for every different kind of tent.

      If you're new to the SCA, and thinking about a period tent, my advice would
      be to attend a few camping events first. Hang around with the people who
      have period tents, and don't be shy about asking questions. Folks who have
      invested $600 to $1500 or more in a tent will be *proud* of it, and they'll
      be glad to talk about its features with you. Look at different styles, think
      about your own needs and preferences, and then you will be able to make a
      more informed choice.

      Finally, don't assume that the "stock" tent you buy from Panther Primitives
      or Tentmasters, or whomever, has to remain "stock." My lady and I have put
      a lot of work into our Panther tent. I designed a modular wooden frame that
      allows bookshelves, kitchen counters, and garb racks to be mounted just about
      anywhere on the frame. My lady has figured out how to hang lovely tapestries
      and lanterns and floral arrangements all around. When you get the tent itself,
      the fun part is only beginning! It's great fun to have a shelter that you have
      truly personalized.

      Kind regards,


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