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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Developing a Persona

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    In a message dated 8/25/2002 9:02:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ... Here is an option which can make sense of disparate activities/clothes with no stress at
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      In a message dated 8/25/2002 9:02:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com writes:

      > I want to be able to do middle eastern drumming and dancing, but also be
      > able to do the more formal European court dances as well. So she doesn't
      > necessarily have to be a middle eastern persona.
      > One thought someone gave me is that she could be the daughter of a middle
      > eastern woman (perhaps the gift of a pasha or something) and a european
      > merchant (maybe italian). (snip of elaborate persona story)

      Here is an option which can make sense of disparate activities/clothes with
      no stress at all:
      Your persona is from "someplace" - ie, thats where you grew up, learned how
      to dress and behave, etc. Now, for some unexplored reason, you live in a new
      area called "The Known World" where there are people from lots of different
      countries (time period need not even be considered; your persona knows
      perfectly well that foreigners dress funny and behave oddly, so anybody who
      is doing something strange is obviously a foreigner of a country you haven't
      encountered yet), following the lifeways they were raised in. But you now
      have a window on a bigger world, and maybe you like something of what you see
      and want to try it out. Maybe you were born Middle Eastern, like to dance,
      and have now found new dances to learn and fancy, special clothes to wear
      while doing them! And you live in a place where nobody will think you are
      off your rocker if you do just that. Same thing with the fencing - nobody
      here seems to mind if you want to do that, not like they would back home.
      You are still a Middle Eastern person, but a Middle Eastern person trying out
      new activities that you didn't know existed in your homeland.

      Take my situation: Brangwayna is the daughter of a very rich merchant or very
      minor nobleman (haven't decided which) of Shrewsbury, and as such, learned
      all the skills necessary to both run a house and take care of it myself,
      since fortunes waxed and waned and sometimes we could afford more servants
      and sometimes not. After coming to the Known World, I met a lowland Scottish
      gentleman who, despite his odd manner of dress (well, he's a Scot, of course
      he dresses funny), became a friend and whom I eventually married. At times,
      to please him, I will wear the clothing and hair styles he is familiar with
      from where he came from, but most of the time I wear the sorts of clothes I
      am used to.
      It doesn't matter that I'm from the 12th century and he's from the 14th, nor
      that he was Elizabethan when I met him. He's a tailor, you see, and he likes
      to try to make lots of the different styles of clothes he sees around him,
      and what better way to advertise your work than to wear it? He's just
      decided that, after flirting with Elizabethan fashion for a while, he's just
      more comfortable in his old familiar clothes.

      Brangwayna Morgan

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