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  • Mary-Henline
    Long time ago (galaxy far away), I picked up a book called _Deryni_Rising_. It was by Katherine Kurtz. I adored it. In her bio, it mentioned something
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2002
      Long time ago (galaxy far away), I picked up a book called _Deryni_Rising_. It was by Katherine Kurtz. I adored it. In her bio, it mentioned something called SCA. I wasn't too sure then what that was, but decided that it sounded kewl. I was in 8th grade at the time.

      I went on to other books, including one by Christopher Stasheff called _Escape_Velocity_. That book was the bomb! It introduced me to a group of "odd-folks" who wanted to take their hobby off-planet because the planet was turning into a dictartorship. Those folks were SCA-like (don't recall if it mentioned them by those letters, but the scenes written fit many demos and events that I've been to since!). That prompted me more to figure out what this thing was about. I now knew that it dealt with the middle ages, and chivalry. There were Lords and Ladies in it.

      When I went off to college, I met with some SCA-folks there (Gwyntarian). That was the craziest bunch of folks I'd ever met! In the backyard of the off-campus house, were several folks beating on each other with sticks and armor. Inside the house were all kinds of folks, including some folks making chain mail. The attic seemed a calm zone, with books everywhere. The house, alas looked as if it was a bachelor's abode (needed a woman's broom, mop, etc...). I didn't have transportation, and worked the nights of meetings, so the interest didn't die, but the chance did.

      After getting engaged in '93 (we are friends, but no longer together), my fiance brought up a newspaper one day. The paper had an article in it about the SCA (Beacon Journal) and the shire of Alderford. At the bottom there was a telephone number and etc. for one Justin (yes THE Justin here), who was then the sensechal of Alderford. I called, and learned that the group met at a college locally (not the one they meet at now). I wasn't able to make the meetings at that time.

      I finally, when I was in that college after 1998, got to attend one meeting. I had my son at the time, and he was barely walking. There was so many nice people there. Again, due to lack of transportation, and the time of the meetings, I couldn't take an active part.

      When I started working towards my license, I had something trigger an awareness of Alderford again. I couldn't tell you what it was--I don't recall, but I was able to get ahold of Justin again, and learned that the meeting place was moved. He was wonderful and his lady and he came to get me and drove us out there. I missed a few meetings, but tried to make what I could (bus, mom, then Pennsic!) and then they moved the meeting to my college that I transferred to.

      Ever since then, I've been very vocal in the group. (Me, that noisy? Nah!)

      I like the family-atmosphere the best, I think. I like the education that Ian will get about what the Middle Ages was like, and that he might get a chance to appreciate what he's got now, plus the chance to learn chivalry and honor. There are other children, and it's an extended village concept which makes it more inviting. I'm grateful to the shire folks for their welcoming, and making me feel right at home. Now I've gotten a chance to give back!


      Shire of Alderford

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