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Re: Greetings, Now Recorder Group

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  • Jeff and Stasia Wussow
    ... That twould be me, Kathryn, thanks! Here is the information - if anyone is interested, we d love to have you join us! You can learn to play Renaissance or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2002
      Kathryn wrote:

      > Do you sing or play or both? There
      > is a recorder group that asked permission to post an announcement
      > about themselves (I hope they do, it sounds very interesting!)

      That 'twould be me, Kathryn, thanks!

      Here is the information - if anyone is interested, we'd love to have you
      join us! You can learn to play Renaissance or other early music on the
      recorder, while learning how to participate in the SCA (and while figuring
      out your persona) so you'll be ready to go on all fronts at the same time!

      Invite your friends and make a band of minstrels! The recorder is SO easy to
      learn - kids do it all the time. And it's portable, and entertaining. You'll
      be the hit of your SCA gathering! <g>

      Who will introduce herself, soon, in another post! :-)

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Hello! I would like to invite anyone interested in recorders or Early Music
      to stop by the non-commercial "RecorderFriends" group at Yahoo! Groups. We
      would very much appreciate your input and participation!

      Beginners are MOST welcome!

      It is a group where everyone (*especially* beginners) can feel comfortable
      about asking any type of question relating to recorders or their music, as
      well as a place to have friendly discussions about a wide range of topics.

      There is a very helpful, *extensive* list of bookmarks (web links) at the
      site, to help you find recorders (from plastic to authentic wood
      reproductions), music, or online or live instruction. (We also have
      information on instruments for the physically-challenged.) We'll will
      continue to keep adding to those links in the coming days.

      I'd like to invite you to join if you're at all interested. And please,
      spread the word to your musical friends!

      The URL for the group is:
      And the informational webpage is:

      Here is the site's description of the the group:

      RecorderFriends is a welcoming place for those interested in the recorder:

      * Listening to recorder music (live or recorded)
      * Playing (or learning to play) any size recorder
      * Collecting recorders
      * Learning about the recorder and its history
      * Learning about instruments for the physically-challenged

      All aspects may be discussed in this friendly and helpful atmosphere!

      Beginner to pro, kids through adults, Baroque to jazz, on plastic or wood -
      let's learn through sharing in a supportive environment!

      Discussion of other instruments and music is welcome also! Ukulele,
      clarinet, Native American flute, bongos, classical guitar, or crumhorn...
      tell us about your instrument!

      Fun contests are planned!

      Extensive recorder links are in our BOOKMARKS section. Feel free to upload
      photos of your instruments or consort to our PHOTOS section, or add your
      compositions and sound demos to our FILES.

      No rudeness, sarcasm, or flaming allowed; please respect the opinions of
      others at all times. We are here to help one another!

      Please come in and introduce yourself!

      Please note: we are "non-commercial" in that we are not selling anything,
      and membership is completely free... but we DO allow vendors to post ads for
      their wares, once weekly.

      I hope you'll join in the discussion!

      Stasia in WI
      Creator: RecorderFriends, Spindlers (for handspinners), AbandonedCrafts, and
      BarteredCrafts Yahoo Groups
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      Join RecorderFriends
      A new discussion group for those interested in the recorder and its music -
      beginners welcome!
      Or, for non-Yahoo! users,
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