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Re: Greetings, Name question

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  • katfletcher
    Dear David, There are quite a few ways to go about the first half of your question. The second one is more defined in answer so I will tackle it first. You can
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      Dear David,

      There are quite a few ways to go about the first half of your
      The second one is more defined in answer so I will tackle it first.
      You can either register it with the Society Herald if you would like
      or you can just use it. If you choose to register it (often referred
      to as "getting it passed") it is probably easiest to work with your
      local herald on filling out the paperwork. You will need to document
      that the elements of your name and the way it is put together
      are "period" meaning it is correct for the time and location you
      claim them to be. Those should be ones that are consistent with the
      practices of the Society. Nominally that means 600-1650, Northern
      Western Europe but in practice, you can pretty much pick any time up
      to 1650, anywhere on planet Earth! It just has to be "real." there
      are some great websites out there that can help with the
      documentation part or you can find a lot at your local library as I
      did long before the Web was so available! Talk to your herald about
      what documentation will qualify.
      So why get your name passed? For one thing, we are or rather claim to
      be interested in research and study. It can be quite interesting,
      soul-satisfying, and fun. And then the name is yours in the Society.
      No one else can get it passed. It is possible that someone else might
      use your name, it polite not to make a fuss about it, but it is your
      name and you can take private pride in it.

      Now about the first question. There is a rather chicken and egg
      aspect to it. Which comes first? Who do you want to be, where from,
      and when (your persona)? Perhaps there is something in your family
      history that interests you? Or there is a time and place that you
      have always liked. Or your good friends are all doing something in
      particular. If you don't have anything in particular in mind yet,
      give it some thought (but don't feel you will be locked in if you
      make a choice, you can change at any time or even use more than one.)

      I am partial to the Academy of St. Gabriel website. They have some
      terrific resources there and (one of the best parts!) an opinion
      letter from them about a name is sufficient documentation for the
      head Laurel if you decide to get your name passed!

      There are some other great sources off of the main SCA web site

      Most of the Kingdom webpages have some good resources too. You might
      try looking at your Kingdoms. If you need help locating that, let us

      Also, just try a web search on SCA heraldry and you will find all
      sorts of great sites!

      Hope this is a start. Let us know how it goes and we can try and help
      with more specific sources too. There are a ton of people here who
      have already worked in various areas who might be able to give you a
      headstart if you find something that interests you.

      whose full name is Kathryn Fletcher of Shrewsbury, and who is a 12th
      century lady-in-waiting to her cousin, a minor English noblewoman.

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      > Total newbie here. How do I start choosing a name, and what do I
      > when I think I've chosen one?
      > David Michael Carr
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