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Hi Peter!

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  • Dee R
    Authenic doesn t have to mean difficult to sew--one of my coolest dresses is a simple T-Dress that wasn t hard to sew. What means do you have at your hands of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2002
      Authenic doesn't have to mean difficult to sew--one of my coolest dresses is
      a simple T-Dress that wasn't hard to sew. What means do you have at your
      hands of obtaining garb? Here locally, in Alderford (Stark County, Ohio),
      we have Gold-Key, which is where the Shire loans you garb for the demo or
      event in return for holding your drivers license. There's a nice person in
      charge of the Gold-Key. To attend a meeting, you don't have to be in garb.
      Yesterday evening was our garb night (we have two meetings monthly, first is
      business and second is social with garb optional), and only the lady who
      gave our demonstration was in Garb--the rest of us were too hot and tired to
      attempt to wear it. :)

      I had someone very nice who helped me hem my first real garb--a dress that I
      call my walking couch. I obtained it via bartering--a pair of leather boots
      that were much too big for me and a very fancy shirt in return for
      transforming my material into a chemise and creating the overdress for the
      chemise. I've since bought a longer chemise (with the scooped neck) from an
      Akron Costume maker (who happens to have our Gold-Key lady working there!),
      and am working on discussing a heavy cloak just in time for the hotter days
      of summer. (Grins!)

      The cloak will be around 150 dollars, most likely. For shoes, I keep
      hitting garage sales and thrift stores--I've found three pairs now, and the
      first went to Gold Key (too small), the second to another lady within our
      shire (barely too small, but her feet are perfect for them). The third is a
      pair of boots that I'm going to work with. My feast wear came from the
      Thrift store/Goodwill.

      As for how to get in touch with your locals, is that the California Berkley?
      There's a grand history in Berkley of the SCA--that's where the who thing
      started, and I am certain that the tradition is being maintained to this
      day. I found the SCA website ( http://www.sca.org ) and hit it--there's so
      much information on there from the pattern for the T-Tunic (the easy that
      you wanted) to the different locals.

      Good luck!

      Milady Mary Henline

      > Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 02:40:31 -0000
      > From: mambo2green
      > Subject: Mists events
      > Hi
      > I'm new here. No personna yet. I haven't been to an event or
      > meeting & would like to. I'm in Berkeley, (Mists right?)
      > Would some one help me find the locals here?
      > Can I show up without period dress? Right now I would prefer easy to
      > authentic.
      > Suggestions gladly entertained
      > Peter
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