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Re: Introduction of new member, Cassandra

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  • njal_tjorkilsson
    Welcome aboard! There are several groups in the Chicago area, you ll have to check them all out to see which you like best. They will all be generally helpful
    Message 1 of 2 , May 16, 2002
      Welcome aboard!
      There are several groups in the Chicago area, you'll have to check
      them all out to see which you like best. They will all be generally
      helpful to newcomers.

      Don't worry about membership right now. It's no biggie, do it
      whenever you can afford it.

      We have a pretty good links section, so sift through that to get
      also the following links for persona/ garb stuff:

      Kingdom of the Middle:
      Region of the midlands:
      (here you can find links to the local branches.)

      Forms of address:

      I hope this is helpful. If you need any help or have any questions
      please feel free to ask. We have several old-timres here in addition
      to a multitude of newcomers just like you who have had similar
      experiences and run into the same problems etc...

      Welcome to the Current Middle Ages Cassandra!

      In Omnia Veritas,
      Njall Tjorkilsson, KSCA

      -- In scanewcomers@y..., "cmcmelody" <cmcmelody@y...> wrote:
      > Hello to all,
      > My mundane name is Cassandra Cook, and I currently do not yet have
      > SCA name. I have been very loosely involved in the SCA since I went
      > to the Harvest Event held by the Shire of Oldenfeld in the Kingdom
      > Trimaris (Tallahassee, FL). I say loosely because that event is the
      > only one I've ever been to, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and
      > hooked on the idea of being in the SCA since. I am not yet a
      > registered member (due to money), but will be hopefully within the
      > next few months. I am currently located in the Middle Kingdom, as I
      > moved back home to Chicago, IL, about a year ago, but am still
      > to decide which of the 4-5 local group would be easiest for me to
      > involved with. I am a 23 year-old female, technically single (but
      > not really - long story!), without an exact SCA persona [I'm
      > either English, French, or possibly Italian, late-medieval/early-
      > renaissance (somewhere between 1400-1500 maybe) - but this is all
      > speculation!]
      > As I'm sending this duplicate message to several groups - as I'm
      > subscribed to about 50 SCA groups on Yahoo at the time (likely soon
      > to be a few more) - may I beg forgiveness if this message is less
      > formal than the typical conversation in any of the groups! I still
      > have not exactly gotten the hang of titles, forms of address,
      > Thank you all for your time,
      > Cassandra
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