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Vikinga Seidur

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  • Scott Szakonyi
    The Viking Trader is proud to announce the availability of our first music CD selection, Krauka s Vikinga Seidur . The following from Krauka s website tells
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2002
      The Viking Trader is proud to announce the availability of our first music CD selection, Krauka's "Vikinga Seidur".

      The following from Krauka's website tells the story:

      "Vikinga Seidur" takes you back on a musical journey in time to an era when Norse culture blossomed over the North Atlantic region.

      The Vikings spread out by way of perilous sea voyages from Scandinavia across the Faeroes, Iceland and Greenland to Vineland (New Foundland).
      The Vikings sagas give us only few clues as to how they entertained themselves, and we have to come closer to modern times before their music is first written down. But at least we have the remains of their instruments: the lyre, flute, lure, rebec, shawm, and jew harp.
      KRAUKAs music, which is partly played on authentic reconstructions of these instruments, has its roots in the ancient Norse songs and sagas. It is our idea of how that music might have sounded as the Vikings feasted around the huge communal fire, which was the social centre of every long house.

      This is an excellent CD, which we personally recommend!

      To order, please visit our website, or use this direct link: http://www.thevikingtrader.net/music.htm

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