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  • ladycalibrid
    By: constanca_de_quinones Date: 2/3/02 2:16 pm Greetings!! I am a newbie to the SCA and I m interested in making some contacts in my area,
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      By: constanca_de_quinones<br>Date: 2/3/02 2:16 pm
      <br><br>Greetings!!<br><br>I am a "newbie" to the SCA and I'm interested in
      making some contacts in my area, but have been finding
      nothing but dead ends.<br><br>I live within the borders
      of the Barony of Roaring Wastes in Pentamere, The
      Middle Kingdom. I am interested in inkle weaving,
      needlecrafts, beading, and musicians guild. <br><br>I was able
      to find a couple of email addresses for contacts at
      Roaring Wastes, but both came back as "unable to deliver"
      - bad addresses. <br><br>If anyone is able to help
      me make these connections, so that I may become
      active in some groups of my interests, please contact me
      via my email address -
      constanca_de_quinones@...<br><br>Thank you...<br><br>Constanca de Quinones
    • bubdog101
      Message 2565 of 2565 , Dec 6, 2003
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        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, jfreak_99_16 wrote:
        > Brand New to SCA<br>I haven't even been to an
        > event yet. Except for the onen heavy fighting practice.
        > I have no idea how to get started<br><br>JF
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