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  • mywildchild_2000
    Greetings all, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect and tell a short story if I may. Today was the Barony of Stromgards Founding Revel, marking
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      Greetings all,<br>I just wanted to take a moment
      to reflect and tell a short story if I may.
      <br><br>Today was the Barony of Stromgards Founding Revel,
      marking 22 years as a branch. Their Majesties Wiliam and
      Sioban were in attendance, and being honorary citizens
      of our Barony, this made it even more special. I was
      reminded tonight of why I am here, why I still play this
      game.<br>Tonight was truly beautiful. <br><br>I began playing back
      in 1991, shy, lonely, and not knowing what I had
      gotten myself into. A Lady came to me, welcomed me, and
      introduced me to her Lord Husband. I was in awe of him and
      of her when I found out who they were... Viscount
      Sir Audin the Red and Viscountess Gwendolyn beg
      MacDuff. As time passed, we grew closer, and I was having
      a great time. Then I was asked to join their
      household, and I was so happy, it was a great honor for me.
      Only 18 years old, so very new to the game, and
      already in a household.... And time passed.<br>I became
      her lady in waiting, and then her apprentice, I took
      on roles in our branch, I volunteered and I loved
      every minute of it. This past year I became a lady in
      waiting to our Baroness as well, and have recently taken
      on the office of seneschal (and I am still
      smiling...lol).<br><br>Tonight, at the Revel, I was granted my AoA, and she was
      there to see it, which meant the world to me. I was so
      surprised, not feeling like I have done enough, but honored
      that others feel I am worthy. Being a dual court, for
      Their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Stromgard,
      and Their Majesties of An Tir, I saw many people get
      awards, saw many swear oaths of fealty, but there was one
      moment that made it for me. One moment that made me so
      very proud of all that goes on in the SCA. My mistress
      swore an oath of fealty to their Majesties that brought
      tears to my eyes and a song to my heart. I can not
      explain the wonder I feel, the absolute pride that
      posesses me. This is what the SCA is all about to me. This
      is why I am here. <br><br>I know that my words do
      not do justice to the event of which I write, but for
      those of you looking forward to your first events, or
      for those of you still in that just thinking about it
      stage, the SCA is a wonderful place. Childhood dreams
      come true here, I am proof.<br><br>YIS,<br>Lady
      Grainne ingen Lochlainn
    • bubdog101
      Message 2565 of 2565 , Dec 6, 2003
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        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, jfreak_99_16 wrote:
        > Brand New to SCA<br>I haven't even been to an
        > event yet. Except for the onen heavy fighting practice.
        > I have no idea how to get started<br><br>JF
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