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children in the SCA and being new

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  • Stefan li Rous
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2013
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      <<< I have moved to the Kingdom of Meridies (eastern Ga) with my husband Giovanni Di Angelo and our 2 year old son Dominic. >>>

      You might be interested in this file in the Florilegium NEWCOMERS section:
      Children-SCA-art (10K) 5/ 5/13 "Children in the SCA: An Introduction for Newcomers" by Lady Genoveva von L├╝beck.

      Or some of the files in the CHILDREN section such as:
      children-msg (178K) 4/29/09 Children in the SCA and period.

      child-clothes-msg (40K) 5/12/11 Period and SCA children's clothing.

      child-tags-msg (24K) 5/20/12 Identity tags for children at SCA events.

      child-wagons-msg (12K) 8/21/07 Wagons for hauling children at events.

      feedng-tddlrs-msg (10K) 9/28/09 Feeding toddlers at SCA events.

      toddlr-tethrs-msg (14K) 4/29/09 Use of tethers/"leading strings" to control toddlers in period and the SCA.

      At many events they have organized events for children, and as your child grows, he can participate in most of the activities as the adults.

      <<< We are a bit unprepared for any events as of yet I would love to though. No ride and no garb or gear leaves us in a tight spot for a while >>>

      I think most local SCA groups have some loaner garb you can borrow. I believe that in Meridies, many of the event sites have cabins, so that may decrease the amount of camping gear you have to come up with immediately. Do you mean you have no way to get around town? Or no way to get to events?

      Once you meet and make friends with some of your local SCA folks, you may be able to get a ride to events that way. But you may have to meet and get to know them somewhere first. I recommend doing this at local SCA meetings, fighter practices and guild meetings. Find out if your local group has an electronic mailing list or website. You might be able to make a connection there who might be willing to swing by and pick you up on the way to a local happening.

      Most/many local business meetings, guild meetings, fighter practices won't need garb. So don't hold off on going to those waiting until you have some.


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