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RE: [SCA Newcomers] [MODERATOR] Yahoo changes the list administration interface

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  • shandra_
    There is overwhelming hatred of neo (aka the new version), and I know of quite a few groups who are migrating over to Google Groups, or an FB Group...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2013
      There is overwhelming hatred of "neo" (aka the new version), and I know of quite a few groups who are migrating over to Google Groups, or an FB Group... 
      moderator of many small groups...  and just as annoyed. 
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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] [MODERATOR] Yahoo changes the list administration interface
      From: "Justinos Tekton" <justin@...>
      Date: 9/23/13 10:14 am
      To: scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com


      Good day, all

      I am going to apologize in advance for the tone of this message -- I'm not mad at anyone here, but I'm pretty steamed at Yahoo right now. Judging from the online comments, so are a lot of other list admins.

      As you are probably aware, this list -- as do many others -- requires the first post by a new member to be approved, as a way to screen out spambots that automatically subscribe themselves to lists and then post.

      Previously, when a new member posted for the first time, we moderators would get a message with an embedded web link, click the link, look over the message, and if it was legitimate, clear the moderation flag for the new member in a linked sub-page. Then we'd come back to the original message page and approve their message. The whole process took seconds.

      Now, Yahoo has "improved" {ahem!} their user interface. It is much prettier now. Lots more graphics. And they have dumbed it down so that there are only three buttons: I can approve your message, reject your message, or -- get this! -- edit the text of your message, putting my words into your mouth.

      That last one is an ethical issue for me personally. I do not speak for the other moderators here, but for me personally, editing someone else's words without their permission is an ethical problem. I do not EVER do that. List admins on Yahoo have always had the technical capability to do it, but now Yahoo has put that option front-and-center.

      In about ten years of helping administer this list, I can't think of a single time I've ever edited someone's message.

      There is apparently no way in the new user interface to edit a member's posting options, to clear the moderation flag. The only way I can find to do this is to approve their message, memorize the username of the new member, then go separately to the membership list and search for their account, then change their settings. It's a nightmare, turning a process that used to take 45 seconds or so into one that takes several minutes, at best.

      What does all this have to do with you?

      First, I wanted to let you know that until Yahoo fixes this user interface mess, approval of messages by new members may take longer, so please be patient.

      Second, although I am hopeful that the overwhelming pile of complaints from list owners will cause Yahoo to regain their senses, if they do not, I will be proposing to the other list moderators that we look for another home for this list.

      Once again, please pardon the tone of this message -- it is not aimed at anyone here. But I felt you should know about the situation as soon as possible, and I'd like to hear from the other moderators as to their opinion about the new user interface.

      Kind regards,

      List Owner

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