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re: Newbie questions

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Liz/Elspeth Elphinstone of DunRobin asked various questions. Since most have been answered, I thought I d add just a bit more to a few of them.
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 13, 2013
      Liz/Elspeth Elphinstone of DunRobin asked various questions. Since most have been answered, I thought I'd add just a bit more to a few of them.
      <<< 3. My persona is late period Scottish Tudor. I'm working on my garb now. I'd like to use lightweight wool for the dress and linen for the chemise, but I'm worried that will be too hot. On the other hand, I've heard the nights can be chilly. Can anyone who has attended regularly tell me what range of temperatures to expect, what temperature is most prevalent, and whether he or she would wear lightweight wool at Pennsic? I could have the entire outfit made out of linen and use a wool shawl in the evenings, though that won't look as Scottish. >>>

      You might wish to check various files in the PENNSIC section of my Florilegium files. You can find the address in my signature line below.

      There are some files on Scottish clothing in the CLOTHING section. If you are staying for more than a few days, count on multiple changes of clothes. As others have mentioned, working with layers lets you add more or less layers as needed. You have enough time, so I would highly recommend looking into a cloak. You will want it if Pennsic turns out as cool at night as it sometimes is.
      cloaks-msg (64K) 5/ 6/12 Cloaks, cloak pins and clasps.

      If you have the money, you can also buy more clothing from the Pennsic venders once you get there. There is a huge market place of SCA and medieval items. You want to have some money just for that. There has been a running joke for years about how well you could outfit yourself if you simply showed up with money.

      Perhaps getting a little dated now, but a good general guide:
      BPThingie-art (38K) 9/30/94 Bart's Pennsic guidebook w. Estrella addm.

      What-s-Pensic-art (8K) 11/13/11 "What is Pennsic?" by THLady Hrefna

      Pennsic-101-art (8K) 8/17/03 An article for those new to Pennsic
      by Culaan.

      P-Thngs-To-Do-art (8K) 11/20/11 “Things To Do At Pennsic” by Lady Katharine
      of Caithness.

      New-2-Pennsic-msg (56K) 7/15/11 Information for those new to Pennsic.

      Pennsic-Prep-art (12K) 8/22/02 "A Newcomer's Guide for Pre-Pennsic Prep"
      by Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

      Pennsic-water-msg (16K) 2/25/12 Dealing with the Pennsic drinking water.

      5. My husband uses a CPAP machine at night for sleep apnea. I assume we would need to buy a marine battery to run it. He also likes a small fan running at night as white noise. Will these sounds bother our neighbors?

      See this file, also in the PENNSIC section. The author has updated it, but I don't have it online yet. In the meantime this will give you a start.
      CPAP-a-Pensic-art (12K) 7/13/11 "CPAP at Pennsic" by Master Philip the Pilgrim

      6. I live in a quiet part of the KIngdom of Meridies, not close to even a shire. Is it OK to call myself a subject of the closest barony (South Downs, in my case)?

      You can call yourself anything you want, except a title reserved for someone with a particular award. :-)

      You don't have to camp with the group that is closest to you. Many people, including myself, tend to camp with their household which might not even be associated with your home kingdom. It really is best to camp with a group, but there are a few areas set aside for individuals who attend Pennsic and don't have a group to camp with. When you register for Pennsic, particularly if you are camping with a specific group, you will want to indicate that on your registration. Space is tight at Pennsic and each group is only allowed approximately 225(?) feet per person. So a group you are camping with will want you registered to get that land.

      Perhaps this file might be of interest, although it is more about how kingdoms handle spread out groups rather than being about Pennsic.
      sprd-out-grps-msg (12K) 5/ 3/10 Handling SCA groups spread over a large area

      <<< Thank you for your patience with all these questions. As I mentioned, I don't live close to any active group in the SCA to attend meetings regularly, and so feel somewhat isolated. >>>

      You might also wish to look through the NEWCOMERS section. I'd be happy to suggest some other files or areas if I knew a bit more about what you are interested in. Please feel to email me for some suggestions.

      Also, even if you've been camping before, you might want to look through the SCA-CAMPING section.

      (Some folks' idea of camping involves a backpack. Mine involves a U-haul Truck)

      'cause mine involves a 17 x 17 ft pavilion, a four-poster bed, a table, chairs...

      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas StefanliRous@...
      **** See Stefan's Florilegium files at: http://www.florilegium.org ****
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