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Re: Maile Question

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  • RobertA
    yes, its to go over a Padded Gambeson, thank you for the info..
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 25, 2013
      yes, its to go over a Padded Gambeson, thank you for the info..

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Stefan li Rous <stefanlirous@...> wrote:
      > > what gauge steel wire is minimum for SCA ?? 16 Ga ?
      > It likely depends upon whether the mail links are just butted together, or riveted or welded (a non-period method).
      > Mail, by itself, is not a good defense against SCA weapons. In period, it needed to be worn over other padding. It works best as protection against bladed weapons and less well against maces and clubs, which the SCA weapons tend to resemble, i.e. no edges, but a fair amount of mass.
      > As someone else recommended, I would check your kingdom regulations.
      > For some more info on mail, see these files in the COMBAT section of the Florilegium:
      > chainmail-beg-art (24K) 11/ 2/00 "Chainmaille Tutorial for Beginners"
      > by Culann Mac Cruimeinn.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/COMBAT/chainmail-beg-art.html
      > chainmail-msg (132K) 1/ 8/08 Making chainmail. Mail armor. References.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/COMBAT/chainmail-msg.html
      > chnmail-clean-msg (6K) 10/18/01 Cleaning mail armor in period and today.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/COMBAT/chnmail-clean-msg.html
      > merch-chainml-msg (24K) 4/29/06 Chainmail merchants and supplies.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/COMBAT/merch-chainml-msg.html
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