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re: Confusion on colors

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 23 8:28 PM
      <<< I'd gone through several no-no lists I'd found on google before I
      started and thought I had a pretty solid grasp on what not to do. One
      of the first things I worked on was a baldric for my sword(unsharpened
      and all), so I avoided red and white leathers. Several members of my
      local group saw the leather I was working with and got all over me for
      using red leather. This is where my apparent not so solid grasp of
      what not to do comes in. >>>

      Take all such lists with a grain of salt, even the ones in my
      Florilegium files. They are written by individuals with their own
      opinions of what the SCA rules and traditions say. Perhaps reading
      multiple ones and taking the points that are in common is the way to
      go. :-)

      <<< http://www.outfitterssupply.com/ShowAdditionalImg.asp?number=WLF403
      That's the leather I got (in person it's got a bit more of a chestnut
      hue to it than the picture, but still close.) Is that considered red
      in the SCA? I'd assume shades/types of red (crimson, scarlet, et al)
      are covered in the definition of 'red', but are slight hues considered
      'red' as well? Perhaps it's the artist in me, but that's not 'red'. >>>

      The first belt I made in the SCA was a reddish brown. I got hassled by
      several people about it and overdyed it with a brown dye. Maybe I'm
      just an old curmurgeon now, but I'm much more likely to simply ignore
      them, refer them to the appropriate file(s) in the Florilegium or ask
      them who their Knight is, if they are squires. I think Ian the Green
      had a very good reply. I may appropriate it for the Florilegium. :-)

      <<< Somewhat off topic, but a member mentioned looking up Chatelaine
      resources before I make anything more (which I did before I started
      anything, but apparently I'm doing things wrong.) Does anyone have a
      pretty thorough guide for new people on what not to make/avoid? I have
      googled for a list again (this time under Chatelaine) and all I've
      really dug up is info on how to be a Chatelaine, basic things I've
      already gone over, and lists that don't answer the questions I have. >>>

      I highly recommend the Known World Handbook. A new version came out
      within the past few years and it is still fairly inexpensive. Other
      reviews, as well as ordering information can be found in this file in
      the NEWCOMERS section of the Florilegium:
      KW-Handbook-msg (12K) 11/25/10 Comments about the Known World

      Also in that section are a number of articles and message files
      (collections of messages) that you might wish to read. I,
      intentionally, don't have any big, comprehensive files for beginners,
      but rather a collection of various files and articles.

      And when you've perused this section there are many more on a wide
      variety of SCA and medieval subjexts. There are about 2400 different
      files in the Florilegium, so I hope there are a few other files that
      might also interest you.


      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas StefanliRous@...
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