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Courts, favors, Peer fear

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Gwilym commented:
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      Gwilym commented:

      <<< I have been with SCA for a little over a year, and aide from
      archery practice every week, I have been to 3 monthly business
      meetings, 1 in home A&S get together/meeting, and for 3 of the past 4
      weekends, my first events.First off, I will say to any newcomer, that
      going to the various meetings has been a good way to meet a few
      people, and get an overview of what all is going on, and how it comes
      about. When I got to the events however, where everyone was in garb,
      I noted that while I knew what was going on, and saw some familiar
      faces, I had no idea what all the medallions, badges, tassels, etc,
      hanging around everyone's necks or off their belts, represented. >>>

      And frankly most other folks, experienced or not, are going to either.
      For instance, some of these might be household badges/favors or
      personal favors. In a local area some folks won't know these. And a
      personal favor may or may not be clearly from a particular individual.
      But it usually isn't for everyone else except those two individuals.
      Some danglies may simply be site tokens/pilgrim badges from a previous
      event. Or they could be a decorative time that is part of a person's

      <<< Beyond the archer's rank badges, I was lost, and felt kind of
      foolish walking up to someone and asking what this, that, or the other
      thing, signified.This would seem a good topic to cover. While I
      realize you can't identify everything, particularly all the specific
      devices and badges, the general basics would be nice. >>>

      Please don't feel lost. And if you are, think of it as a good chance
      to meet others! I have a lot of trouble being in a large crowd and
      making a connection with others. I tend to be shy and "not want to
      impose". The SCA gives you many, many excuses though to avoid these
      problems. For instance all those doo-dads you are talking about. It
      gives you a great excuse to go up to someone, introduce yourself and
      ask about one or more of them. And if they are shy, which is certainly
      not unknown in the SCA, it gives them something to talk about with you.

      <<< More importantly, I will also add, that at the very first event I
      attended, I was called to court, for an award (my archery badge), with
      no warning, and no guidance. Fortunately, I had been paying attention
      to what went on before I was called, and I had seen enough to have a
      general idea what I was supposed to do, so didn't mess up too
      badly.This, to me, should be something that everyone should have a
      class on. While newcomers generally are not called up that soon in
      their SCA tenure, or at least I would not think so, as happened to me,
      it does happen. >>>

      Yes, having this covered, at least a little, in newcomers classes is a
      good idea. It has, for instance, become common, for the Ansteorra
      Royalty or a sitting Baron/ess to call up the folks for whom this is
      their first event. It is meant as a welcome to show that you have been
      noticed. But it may, unfortunatly frighten some.

      Peers and Royalty are regular folks. I've heard it can be
      disappointing when everyone, especially the new folks, go running off
      in the opposite direction when you approach. Yes, you need to keep
      from pestering them when they have official duties to do, but most are
      quite friendly.

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