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  • Stefan li Rous
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 12, 2012
      <<< Liam,I have a couple of suggestions for your lecture: Things to
      consider and how to find a house to join.Student / Teacher how to
      find, and attach your self to a knight / teacherThe balance between
      having fun and volunteering, helping out but still leaving time for
      the fun stuff that keeps you coming back. YIS ,Kelly >>>

      "find a house to join"??? Do you mean a household?

      Liam, please do make it clear that joining a household is not required
      in the SCA.

      Households definitely have both their pros and their cons.

      Now if someone has a good article on what to look for when choosing
      which household to join or even whether to join a household, I'd love
      to have it for the Florilegium.

      I do have these files:
      In the NEWCOMERS section:
      SCA-Housholds-art (10K) 8/31/09 "Introduction to SCA Households" by
      Justinos Tekton called Justin.

      In the SCA_INC section:
      households-msg (34K) 2/ 5/08 Comments on households in the SCA.

      But more ideas and viewpoints are always good.


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