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Re: I could use some intro articles

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Siobhan replied to my request with:
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 1, 2012
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      Siobhan replied to my request with:
      <<< stefan.. My name is Siobhan. I am a crewman to the Free Ship
      Briar Rose, Wolf of Shadow Legion, and Member of the Gleann Abhann
      Brewers Guild. I will see what I can come up with. I am fairly new
      ( only been playing 5 years) and I would like to pass on some knoledge
      of what I have learned. >>>

      Wonderful! "Fairly new" is playing for 5 years? Lol. I can remember a
      Rialto discussion years ago about "When are you no longer a
      newcomer?". There wasn't a concensus then, either. :-)

      I have been a bit longer now, since I joined in 1988, but I'm not
      completely sure what a "Ship" is? Is it just a nautically oriented
      household? Or something more/else? And what makes it "free"? It's too
      rundown to sell? :-)

      <<< Right now a friend and I are doing an A&S project about fiber arts
      called From Sheep to Garb. We are raising our own sheep for wool,
      going to dye it , spin it ,weeve it and sew it. going to take years to
      complete.. it is going to be fun..>>>

      That's hardly a short file for beginners. :-) But yes, I would
      eventually like to have an article or series of articles on this.
      More on your personal experiences and what you learn along the way as
      I do have a few files on various aspects of what you are likely to be
      getting yourself info. If you haven't looked at them, they might be of

      If you decide to give up on this project early, see this file: :-)
      lamb-mutton-msg (160K) 7/15/11 Medieval lamb and mutton. Recipes.

      There are several files in the TEXTILE ARTS section which might let
      you learn from other's mistakes and successes.
      wool-clean-msg (26K) 4/ 7/08 Cleaning wool before spinning.

      wool-combing-msg (12K) 4/15/10 Wool carding and combing. History.

      There are also some files on dyeing and spinning as well.

      I have heard of "sheep to shawl" competitions done at various large
      SCA events, although I've never had the patience or been willing to
      spend that much of my time at a single event on even watching such a

      <<< Anyway. I will write some stuff about what i have learned in the

      Your project is a good example of the different kinds of things one
      can do in the SCA, even in just a small corner of what we do.


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