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Irish clothing

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Caissene said:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1 8:01 PM
      Caissene said:
      <<< Sounds good, I can only add, that being a sort of newbie, I was,
      and still am, looking for info on garb, style of course, but fabric
      more so. What kind is best to make different pieces, can it have a
      print or stripe, what colors are "tabu". How can i be sure it is
      appropriate? My particular persona (I've been playing for a yr and
      half) is early Irish, so there's no "painted" examples like for much
      later. I can't really tell from statues, so where do you go for that
      kind of info? That may be too detailed, or specific, for a 102 class.
      Has anyone ever done a garb 101 class???? >>>

      Alison Wodehalle gave you a very good answer.

      You might also wish to look at this file in the CLOTHING section of
      the Florilegium:
      cl-Ireland-msg (98K) 2/ 6/08 Medieval Irish clothing.

      Perhaps this file might also be of interest:
      Irish-Brat-art (20K) 2/14/09 "Weaving an 11th Century Irish Brat"
      by THL Cassandra of Glastonbury.

      One thing I would also add, for everyone here, is to look for natural
      fabrics rather than synthetics, especially for outside camping events.
      They will be cooler and much safer. Outside events tend to have lots
      of lanterns, candles, fires etc. Synthetics tend to melt to you when
      they burn. Natural fabrics will often smolder instead and at least if
      they burn they don't melt to you! As Alison mentioned, they tend to be
      cooler, even cotton than synthetics.

      Since you mention Ireland, this file in the CULTURES section might
      also be of interest:
      Ireland-lnks (20K) 12/25/03 Web links to medieval Ireland
      by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.

      Ireland-msg (76K) 1/10/10 Irish culture, dress. Points of

      There are some general files in the CLOTHING section and the TEXTILE
      ARTS section on period colors and materials.

      <<< And since I can't go to Pennsic this year, can I get a copy of
      your handout, unless you might do it at WOW? >>>

      I'm not sure who this was directed to. But I would appreciate getting
      a copy of the handout myself. Perhaps it might be a useful addition to
      the Florilegium? I'm always looking for more material and the
      copyright remains with the original author(s).

      Alison also said:
      <<< Fabric that we would call tartan or plaid today were certainly
      woven then, not in the current way of thinking that a certain pattern
      belongs to a specific family. >>>

      Definitely. the family tartan idea was invented in the Victorian era.
      In period there were similar patterns in particular areas, but it is
      more likely because those were the colors that local dyes were
      available for. In addition, kilts were worn for a much shorter time
      period than most people think, about a quarter of a century in period,
      and that was the long kilt, not the short kilt with sewn in pleats.

      Kilts-1590-art (20K) 2/13/11 "More than you ever wanted to know
      about the
      kilt" by Lord Gregor Mac Beathain.


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