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  • Bambi TBNL
    Ah, the belt banners as it were are usually favors or tokens and as such are very special indeed. 99 percent of the time they have been gifted t the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2012
      Ah, the >" belt banners" as it were are usually favors or tokens and as such are very special indeed. 99 percent of the time they have been gifted t the wearer. The designs on them can range fro a badge, signifying the wearer belongs to a certain guild, househol,kingdom fighting free, etc or has the good wishes and favor of another person i.e. Friend, partner, relative admirer, etc. Although they cn be worn anywhere on the belt , fighters tend to wear them on the back o keep them from being worn out or destroyed, other folks might not even wear them n a belt but attach them to a sleeve. Sometimes the favor will have a sentiment embroidered on it. Sometimes it is a handkerchief from someone or a sleeve or a glove just like back then when folks wore such things i tournaments to show whose was rooting for them or who inspired them. It is not just for fighters anymore. Anyone can be gifted with one. The queen of Atlantian often gives out favors to all Atlantian attending Pennsic just because the came. Master sylvanus have given out favors just to encourage folks he as seen making beautiful performance art.
      When i was awarded the companion of the earl some ears back, a lady who des beautiful weaving gave me a lovely little belt favor with the award emblem( able scalp shell wit a white circle in it representing a pear) that i treasure just as much as my original award.
      I made them for our household once. I have also made them for else friends who fight and for my beloved lord, who doesnt. It is a beautiful ,
      sometimes quiet, tradition of the SCA.
      lady aria matriz la mora cop
      aka khalillah bint Temur
      aka Bambi
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      Though no longer a newcomer exactly, and in spite of being a Chatelaine, I
      still have plenty of questions. Today I'm ready to learn and take my SCA
      knowledge up a notch or two.

      Quite often, garb seems to be accompanied by a fabric piece that hangs off
      of the belt of an outfit, usually in back. There is pretty much always a
      design embroidered on the fabric piece. The piece usually measures roughly
      (eye-balled) 4" wide and maybe 8-10" long.

      What is the significance of these fabric 'belt banners', for lack of a
      better term. Are they only worn when one has achieved some particular
      accomplishment? Are they ever worn strictly because the wearer wanted to
      wear one? Are they subject to any of the SCA's very own sumptuary laws?

      Please, feel free to enlighten me! This has been bugging me for a while.



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