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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Hello there

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  • aranwen_of_willowford
    The best place I could suggest to start as far as getting some garb together is with the basic T-tunic. They re a great staple item, and an easy start too. I
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      The best place I could suggest to start as far as getting some garb together is with the basic T-tunic. They're a great staple item, and an easy start too. I made some short-sleeved ones for the hot times, even. I figure a sewing machine is best for doing this though, especially if you're just starting out, but for the next two items below you can absolutely hand sew them. It's easy to and unlike you may think, fast even! (You could of course the tunic too but it may be a lot more stitching if you're not already a sewer!)

      Also when you get in contact with your local group to find out about their meetings, you might see if they will be able to put together (or already have some) newcomer classes. We try to do this whenever we know folks need to know these things, such as after new folks start showing up, and we will help them out with sewing; maybe someone can even bring a machine to stitch your fabric up for you, if someone there has one and can.

      I will have notes of my own typed up before too long but don't yet; Here is one tutorial I found on the basic type of a t tunic you could work on.
      You'll really want to get some fabric and get ahold of something that fits you right like a loose t-shirt to use as a model for cutting out the first tunic. After that you can cut future ones by this tunic. This is something you could have that will fit you well, that others could stitch for you if you need.

      Other things you can look for info on --
      Though it's warm now, the bog coat is a great thing to have for cool weather. (one of those that's easy to hand stitch. just need to find some basic stitch info to get going with that.)

      And, the liripipe is an easy staple item to make for keeping your head warm, which can be a must when it's cold out! (not much to sew. very worth it!)

      Some people don't ever wear garb specific to a persona. Some ONLY do. Some change up seasonally, or perhaps even based on an event. Viking is very popular. A lot of guys will wear the flannel plaid pajama pants, and sometimes will wrap the bottoms with viking leg wraps, too.
      (go down to "Garb: where to begin" http://www.anduntheine.org/BB_0707.pdf - actually, several nifty things in there too....)

      Just a few thoughts to throw out there!
      ~Aranwen of Willow Ford

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "mcdougallmax" <lord-blood-sword@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the welcome.
      > As I should have said earlier, I was introduced to the SCA by the webminister of the shire of starhaven in the kingdom of trimaris (florida) So I have all that figured out.
      > In addition to getting info on gear, i've been attempting to find out more about in-shire events. All i've found is the starhaven website (below) and that does say there is a "business meeting"
      > http://www.shireofstarhaven.org/
      > I guess I could barter something. I write (sci-fi and fantasy, but I have adapted it for historical fiction), and I paint miniature's. other than that all practical skills would most likely relate to the modern world (photography and image manipulation, videography)
      > Like I said, for something like a T-tunic or a surcoat I'd be happy to commission someone too.
      > --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Chuck Burke <cjburke@> wrote:
      > >
      > > First off, Max, welcome to a whole different world!
      > >
      > > Good advice above about finding a household, but my recommendation is to
      > > first find out more about your local group. If you to to the SCA site at
      > > http://www.sca.org, you will find a link at the top of the page labeled
      > > Groups. If you just move your mouse over that link, a pop menu will
      > > appear, and you can select the "Look up a Kingdom" option. There, you can
      > > select your state, and a listing of one or more kingdoms will be shown.
      > > Determine which one you fall into, and go to their web site. From there,
      > > you should be able to find a map or listing by zip code to identify your
      > > local barony/canton/shire. They, in turn, will likely have a web site or
      > > at least phone numbers where you can get more information.
      > >
      > > Don't know how to sew, and don't have the money to afford garb or armor?
      > > In the SCA, this is *not* an obstacle. Identify the things you can do.
      > > Barter will often get you more than money in this group. Or, consider
      > > learning a new craft. I started in the SCA less than 3 years ago, and had
      > > never done more than sew a button or fix a 2" ripped seam in my pants.
      > > Making my first, simple T-tunic took about a month, working on weekends in
      > > my free time. Last month, I made a 6-panel Turkish-style shirt, a
      > > knee-length vest, a pair of wide mid-Eastern style pants and a turban in a
      > > single weekend.
      > >
      > > Fighters are always welcome. But fighters who do other things, like sing,
      > > dance, sew, cook, carve, forge, etc, get to experience a full life in the
      > > SCA.
      > >
      > > Oh, and give fencing a try, too. <grin>
      > >
      > > Hopefully, we'll one day meet,
      > > Dragos Palikanos
      > > "Let there be music! Let there be dancing!"
      > >
      > >
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