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Re: SCA armorers, meetings

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  • mcdougallmax
    Noted and understood.
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 9, 2012
      Noted and understood.

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Stefan li Rous <stefanlirous@...> wrote:
      > "mcdougallmax" lord-blood-sword@... replied to me with:
      > <<< Noted on the email address. Unfortunately I've been using it
      > everywhere for the past two years (it was originally for an online RPG
      > group) so it would be hard to change. >>>
      > when I commented that
      > <<< PS: Noting your email address. Don't use titles like "Lord",
      > "Knight",
      > > "Sir", in the SCA unless you have earned them. You can however,
      > > address anyone as my lord or my lady. This is the title to use if you
      > > are unsure or don't know someone's actual rank.>>>
      > And I wouldn't bother about changing an email address. There are a
      > number of folks still using email addresses like "lordgeorge" when
      > they now have a peerage.
      > It was more a simple reminder not to go into a meeting and claim that
      > you were "Sir George the Mighty" and find yourself challenged to prove
      > it to guy wearing the white belt. Probably not a good way to start off
      > your SCA career.
      > By the way, a plain, white belt is usually the sign of someone that
      > has been knighted in the SCA, for expertise on the armored fighting
      > field, so if you claim to be one, you better be able to back it up.
      > Titles often confuse new folks, and old folks, too. But worse, they
      > often intimidate new folks. If you don't know someone's rank, using
      > the simple title of "my lord"/"my lady" should be sufficient. Using
      > the proper title is a nice thing to do, if you know it, but if someone
      > seems to get too bent out of shape over you not using the proper one,
      > then they probably didn't deserve the title in the first place. A key
      > component of our Society is chivalry/politeness/honor.
      > Your SCA persona name can't include a title. Those are only earned.
      > For some more on choosing a name:
      > Choose-a-Name-art (12K) 10/ 3/09 "Choosing a Society Name: Hints for
      > Newcomers"
      > by Dietmar Reinhart von
      > Straubing and
      > Malachias von Morgenstern.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/NEWCOMERS/Choose-a-Name-art.html
      > names-FAQ (14K) 5/ 8/96 Choosing and registering names in
      > the SCA.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/NEWCOMERS/names-FAQ.html
      > How do you earn a title? It differs for each title, but they are
      > awarded by the Royalty of a kingdom.
      > Earng-Your-AoA-art (6K) 4/18/02 "Earning your AoA in the SCA" by Lady
      > Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/NEWCOMERS/Getting-an-AoA-art.html
      > Stefan
      > --------
      > THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      > Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas StefanliRous@...
      > http://www.linkedin.com/in/marksharris
      > **** See Stefan's Florilegium files at: http://www.florilegium.org ****
    • Zorikh Lequidre
      For the convenience of folks looking for armorers and armor reference, I actually built a website with links to SCA armorers and many books on the subject...
      Message 2 of 5 , Mar 12, 2012
        For the convenience of folks looking for armorers and armor reference, I actually built a website with links to SCA armorers and many books on the subject...



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