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Baron Seamus' Newcomer Challenge!!

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  • Marl Stone
    Greetings Chatelaines and Newcomers, Although this Challenge applies to the West Kingdom, there is no reason why others cannot emulate my goal and conduct a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2011
      Greetings Chatelaines and Newcomers,

      Although this Challenge applies to the West Kingdom, there is no reason why others cannot emulate my goal and conduct a similar challenge in their Kingdom, Principality, or local group. For those who reside within the West Kingdom, please take up my challenge and spread the word!! Here are the details of my challenge.

      At October Crown, I issued a Challenge to all local branches; Baronies, Provinces, Shires, Cantons, Ridings, Colleges, Strongholds, and Ports of the West Kingdom to bring in Newcomers.

      This challenge is to bring in Newcomers to SCA events, specifically to 5 or more SCA events. Here's how it works.

      1. The Challenge is counted from the previous Purgatorio (2011), when Aislynn and I were invested by Their Majesties as Baron and Baroness until next Purgatorio. That's a whole year!!

      2. Every Branch that brings a Newcomer to their 5th SCA event will gain 1 point for each such Newcomer. I recommend that each Branch designate someone to collaborate this, such as the Chatelaine or Seneschal if they are willing. This message will assume that the Chatelaine is counting and sending us the info. This Challenge is only open to Branch Groups in the West Kingdom under the level of Principality. Households are encouraged to contribute to the Competition by bringing Newcomers to their local Branch.

      3. If the Newcomer decides and becomes a paid member of the SCA, that Newcomer will then gain the Branch an additional point (for a total of 2). NOTE: There will not be any extra points added for those Newcomers who receive awards of any sort. This is a correction from any previous communication or planning from before.

      4. If any SCA event from the previous Purgatorio (including the previous Purgatorio) was the 5th event of a Newcomer, they may be counted. Meetings and Fighter Practices and other non-event activities of the SCA that are not "Events" do not count, though actual events at every level do.

      5. A Newcomer may become a paid member of the SCA if they so wish at any point between Purgatorios to count for the additional Point, though they must have attended at least 5 SCA events to count for any points.

      6. Each Branch that wishes to participate should send an email to the Baron of Rivenoak and to the Chatelaine of Rivenoak.

      A. I, the Baron of Rivenoak, may be reached at: rivenoakbaron @ gmail . com

      B. The Chatelaine of Rivenoak may be reached at: rivenoakchatelaine @ gmail . com

      7. When the Chatelaine contacts us for the 1st time, we would like to get some information about the Group and a couple of the Officers (Note that this should only be necessary the 1st time so we know how to get a hold of people should we need to):

      A. They should send us info about the Branch in general:
      a. Name of Branch:
      b. Location of Branch (Mists, Cynagua, Oertha, Marches):
      c. Mundane location of Branch:

      B. They should send us the following info about the group Seneschal:
      a. Seneschal's SCA Name:
      b. Seneschal's Mundane Name:
      c. Seneschal's Phone Number:
      d. Seneschal's Email Address:

      C. They should send us the following information about the Chatelaine (or person who is appointed to this task):
      a. Chatelaine's SCA Name:
      b. Chatelaine's Mundane Name:
      c. Chatelaine's Phone Number:
      d. Chatelaine's Email Address:

      D. If your Branch is a Barony, Please also provide the following info on the Baron and Baroness (as applicable):
      a. Baron's SCA Name:
      b. Baron's Mundane Name:
      c. Baron's Phone Number:
      d. Baron's Email Address:
      e. Baroness' SCA Name:
      f. Baroness' Mundane Name:
      g. Baroness' Phone Number (if different):
      h. Baroness' Email Address (if different):

      8. Whenever your Branch or a member of your Branch brings a Newcomer to their 5th SCA event, please send us the following on each Newcomer:

      A. Newcomer's SCA Name (if any):
      B. Newcomer's Mundane name:
      C. Branch of Membership (your Branch):
      D. Has the Newcomer attended their 5th SCA Event (yes/no):
      E. Is the Newcomer a Paid Member of the SCA (yes/no):

      9. Once we receive the newcomer's info, we'll be happy to add them to the list and I'll endeavor to send a reply confirming so. I also encourage everyone to bring them and introduce them to me in person, so I may meet them, no matter how many events they've attended.

      10. In addition to the Reward of having additional Newcomers, there will be a Reward for the Branch that brings in the most Newcomers, as outlined above, that will be presented to the Baron and Baroness / Seneschal of the Branch. This Reward will be something that the Branch as a whole may utilize. There will also be a token for the Branch, so as to display their accomplishments.

      11. Any Royalty or member of the Landed Baronage who wish to provide a Reward of their own are encouraged to do so. Everyone is encouraged to welcome our Newcomers and invite them to meet and learn about your Branches, Households, etc. Everyone is also welcome to spread the word about my Challenge!!

      12. Questions should be emailed to me, Seamus, Baron of Rivenoak, at: rivenoakbaron @ gmail . com.

      Thanks in advance to everyone who works to diligently attract the new to the old. Good luck to all who accept my Challenge!!

      Seamus, Baron of Rivenoak
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