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Challenge Issued (West Kingdom)!!

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  • Marl Stone
    Greetings, At the Westermark Shipwrecked Madness event, I issued a challenge before those in attendance at Court. It is critically important to our Kingdom,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2011

      At the Westermark Shipwrecked Madness event, I issued a challenge before those in attendance at Court. It is critically important to our Kingdom, Principalities and local Branches to continually bring in new people. As the years pass by, those of us with energy and innovative ideas need to learn and gain wisdom from those who have the cherished obligation to pass along their wisdom. We have a great deal of wisdom in our corner of the Known World. Although we have some newness, innovation and energetic dreamers, we can always use more and more.

      I Challenge ALL Baronies, Provinces, Shires, Cantons, Ridings, Colleges, Strongholds, and Ports in the West Kingdom to bring in our future generations. Bring in the elderly, bring in the youths, bring in everyone who has the potential to make our Kingdom and Society great!!

      Every (local) group in the Kingdom of the West is encouraged to participate!! I will be presenting a prize to the Group that brings in the most (see below) to be presented to the Baron and Baroness or Seneschal and Chatelain (if not a Barony). There will also be a trophy of sorts to display the great work your group contributed to the Kingdom during the year. The "trophy" will be passed along to the winner of the next year's competition).

      Here are the details:

      This Competition begins and ends at Purgatorio Coronation. This year's competition begins at the previous Purg (2011) and ends at the next Purg (2012).

      Bring in people and when they attend their 5th SCA event, send us their information (and your Branch Info) to be counted (see below).

      Once we tally the numbers, we will announce and present the prize and trophy to the winning Branch. I encourage Royalty at all levels to add incentives to the deal, if they so wish.

      Each person will count as 1 point. Paid Members of the SCA will count as an additional point. Those who, through their amazing acts of service and worth, are awarded an Award of Arms (or an award that conveys an Award of Arms) will count for an additional point. Any one person may count for a possibility of 3 Points total (one for attending their 5th event, another for also becoming a member of the SCA and another for becoming Armigerous.

      To count at all, the new person must have attended their 5th event (even if they are already paid members and/or Armigerous).

      If your Branch is sending us information for the first time, please include:

      Branch Name:
      Branch Level (Barony, Province, Shire, College, etc):
      Branch Location (Cynagua, Mists, Oertha, Marches):
      Baron and Baroness (Mundane and SCA if Barony):
      Baron and Baroness's Contract (Email and Phone if Barony):
      Seneschal Name (Mundane and SCA):
      Seneschal Contact: (Email and Phone)
      Chatelain Name (Mundane and SCA):
      Chatelain Contact: (Email and Phone)

      Please include the following information for those who you are submitting. Remember that they must have attended 5 or more SCA events since Purg 2011 and before Purg 2012 to be counted this year.

      SCA Name (if they have one):
      Mundane Name:
      Branch Name:
      Paid SCA Member (Yes / No):
      Armiger (AOA)(Yes / No):

      Please send this info to: rivenoakbaron @ yahoo . com / rivenoakbaron @ gmail . com (please send to both)(the Baron, me) AND elevendytwo @ gmail . com (Our Chatelain Muirgen)

      If you have any questions, please let me know,

      Seamus, Baron of Rivenoak
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