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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Got this today from Atlantia about the earthquake

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  • Justinos Tekton called Justin
    ... Too funny! I will point out, however, that shouting light is an invitation to one s opponent to strike a bit harder, so perhaps this would not be what I
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2011
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      On Tue, 2011-08-23 at 18:38 -0400, Chris Chastain wrote:
      > This just in from Atlantia that experienced the earthquake earlier
      > today:
      > LIGHT!!

      Too funny! I will point out, however, that shouting "light" is an
      invitation to one's opponent to strike a bit harder, so perhaps this
      would not be what I would want to shout at this particular moment.

      Modern interlude...sorry for going a bit off-topic:

      I am a computer engineer who telecommutes from northeastern Ohio. My
      company's home office is in northern Virginia. By chance, I happened to
      be on the phone with our CEO, who is a German immigrant, as the
      earthquake struck. She had never experienced one before. She was a
      little nervous, but not panicked, and asked me what to do. I told her to
      stand in a sturdy doorway, knowing that she was in a newly-constructed
      frame house (she also was working from home that day) that was in little
      danger of collapse. Falling objects from shelves would be more danger
      than the house itself, unless the quake was *really* large.

      She rode out the quake, and we talked about how interesting and unusual
      it was that a mid-sized quake like that would hit Virginia. Then about
      60 seconds later, I felt it very distinctly here in Ohio! It lasted
      maybe 30 seconds or so, and did no damage at all but did make my desk, a
      heavy wooden "butcher block" style, vibrate palpably, as well the floor
      under me.

      It was an interesting experience. We do occasionally have earthquakes in
      Ohio, but I've never felt one this strongly before because (by chance)
      since living here I've been in large commercial buildings during all
      other recent quakes, and haven't felt them much at all.

      All in all, I'm glad that the NPR news team is reporting "no serious
      injuries." Property damage can be repaired. People are much more


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