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sewing and patterns

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  • Stefan li Rous
    wren378 said:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2011
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      "wren378" said:
      <<< Then I was rummaging around in the pattern draws at Joann's one
      day while out of town and ran into 2 very friendly SCA members for
      that area. They invited me to events and were very nice. I'm
      actually considering making the 5 hour round trip to join their group
      instead of my local group. Sad but it's worth it to do what I love
      and feel welcome. >>>

      Yes, sometimes you will find an SCA group other than your local group
      that fits your interests or personality better than your local group.
      The bigger groups, such as baronies, are likely to have a larger
      variety of people and interests simply because of having more members.

      Depending on the geography of an area, sometimes there will be a bunch
      of groups clustered together, sometimes the distance to the other
      closest groups can be measured in hours. The latter used to be
      particularly true in the earlier days of the Society.

      What types of sewing do you do? Do you just sew for yourself or are
      you willing to sew outfits for others? Many people, such as myself,
      have minimal sewing skills and welcome garb from others or will
      commission it to be made. This is a way to give back and perhaps
      develop some friendships.

      You mentioned looking in the pattern drawers at Joann's. Perhaps this
      file in the CLOTHING section of the Florilegium might be of interest
      to you;
      patterns-msg (115K) 4/19/10 Sources for clothing patterns. Altering
      mundane patterns.


      I don't know which types of clothing are of interest to you, but there
      are also a number of files in that same section on different types of
      clothing for different cultures and times.

      Do you using a sewing machine or sew by hand? The TEXTILE ARTS section
      has some files on both. Are you interested in other needlework? There
      are some files in that section on naalbinding, knitting etc as well as
      files on period fabrics and dyeing.

      sewing-msg (80K) 4/ 8/08 Sewing ideas and stitches.


      sewing-tools-msg (70K) 1/19/08 Medieval sewing tools, needles, thimbles.


      sewng-machnes-msg (31K) 6/17/05 Comments on sewing machines for SCA use.



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