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Re: About feast gear.

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 4, 2011
      <<< I haven't been in SCA long and have only attended a feast two
      times. The first time I found these beautiful mangowood plates at
      World Market. The feast was and the next morning I washed the plate
      thoroughly. About a month late I got it out and it had gone moldy and
      I had to throw it out. >>>

      If these were wood plates, rather than a veneer, you probably could
      have sanded any mold off and simply refinished them. That may or may
      not have been worth it depending on how cheap the plates were

      For those that have wooden feast gear, see this file in the FOOD-
      UTENSILS section of the Florilegium. The main thing as mentioned is to
      wipe the plates down as soon as you can. And don't just let the wood
      utensils sit in a liquid, including dish water.
      wood-utn-care-msg (16K) 5/15/08 Care of utensils made of wood.

      <<< I found some beautiful rough earthenware dishes, again at World
      Market. I used them at the next feast and I even got compliments and
      questions if they were handmade. They are also much easier to keep
      clean. World Market is also an excellent place to buy utensils, etc.

      potry-utn-care-msg (6K) 8/18/09 Care of pottery cooking utensils.

      You can even cook in pottery utensils, if you are careful and avoid
      quick temperature changes.
      pottery-cookng-msg(22K) 1/29/08 Cooking in clay pots. Do and don'ts.

      <<< The most important lesson I learned about feasts is to carry large
      enough zip bags to hold your largest plates and still zip closed and
      always carry a supply of chlorox wipes. >>>

      The chlorox wipes are probably a good idea, especially for multi-day
      or multi-meal events. For one feast events, I've usually take along a
      large plastic bags and stick the dishes in there, to be taken home and
      washed there. It did take me several years or events to start doing
      that :-( Sometimes facilities are provided in the feast hall,
      sometimes not. But you generally don't want to wash dirty dishes in a
      site bathroom because that can clog the drains.


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