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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re: medieval shoes for SCA combat

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  • Chris Brock
    Hail and well met! By Jorvik style I m just using that to help visualize. I have come up with a stirrup-ed spat looking device which will go over my modern
    Message 1 of 6 , May 28, 2011
      Hail and well met! By "Jorvik style" I'm just using that to help visualize. I
      have come up with a stirrup-ed spat looking device which will go over my modern
      hiking boots. The main body of the spat resembles a two toggle turn shoe. I am
      away from home at the moment and don't have access to leather and tools, so I
      improvised with a towel and para-cord as a model. 
      I actually have been assiduously going through the archives of theFlorilegium (I
      have immense free time at the moment). The messages at times are hard to follow
      and I have come to taking notes to look up later, but the articles are great.
      Again many thanks!
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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Re: medieval shoes for SCA combat

      <<< Much thanks! The info was great. I needed a Jorvik type shoe so 
      this was a bit off MY mark, but did spur me on to "borrow" ideas AND 
      look into many of the articles/messages in the Florilegium. The 12 
      Step Mead making is a true keeper!Thanks for the help.

      Arngrimr >>>

      Thank you. I'm always interested in which files are of the most 
      interest. I can then concentrate on getting more, similar articles 

      There are several files on making mead in the BEVERAGES section. I've 
      had great success with mead making, much more so than my attempts at 
      making cider. About the only downside is that most meads need to age 
      for a year or so to be drinkable. And the fact that as the price of 
      honey continues to increase due to bee die-off and other problems, the 
      cost of making mead continues to climb. If you buy commercial mead, 
      take care that it is made from honey and isn't just honey flavored wine.

      What do you mean by "a Jorvik type" shoe? A Viking-age shoe? I'm not 
      sure that the shoes across different cultures in that time period 
      varied that much.

      In case you didn't see it, you might want to take a look at this file 
      in the Florilegium CLOTHING section. This file concentrates 
      specifically on period shoes and resources for info on them, as 
      opposed to modern shoes which will work in the SCA.
      p-shoes-msg (58K) 1/24/08 Medieval footwear.


      I also recommend looking at Marc Carlson's site, one of the best SCA 
      sites on period shoes.


      If you'd prefer to buy rather than to make your shoes, this file 
      includes some reviews of various venders.

      merch-shoes-msg (32K) 5/18/11 Lists and reviews of period-style shoe 



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