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Re: Makeup?

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  • angela
    I am very new as well, but I do have a few suggestions on this. Do a natural look. -Tinted moisturiser instead of thick foundation (provides sunscreen,
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      I am very new as well, but I do have a few suggestions on this. Do a "natural" look.
      -Tinted moisturiser instead of thick foundation (provides sunscreen, color, and doesn't get oily nasty when sweating)
      -Brown eyeliner (unless you have black hair!) instead of a colored or black
      -Brown Masacara, again if you have black hair use black. Honestly I would simplify and just use an eyelash curler (defines the eyes a bit) and skip it entirely
      -LipSTAIN only a shade or two darker than your natural lip color. Gloss or lipstick would be more obtrusive than stain.
      -make sure to cover the lipstain with a chapstick type thing with SPF (sunburned lips...ouch)

      This is what I do when I am taking my son to the zoo and so forth. It usually doesn't need touching up, if it does not much at all.


      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Stefan li Rous <stefanlirous@...> wrote:
      > Amber asked:
      > <<< I don't want to interfere with other folks' enjoyment by not
      > keeping in the authenticity of the period. So, my question is, is it
      > acceptable for women to wear makeup and if so what is deemed
      > appropriate? >>>
      > As others have mentioned, I would generally wear what you normally
      > would wear.
      > Unless perhaps you have bright red or purple hair or a lot of
      > piercings, you won't stand out enough to be intrusive.
      > If you do have a brightly artificial hair color, I would recommend
      > covering it with a hat, headdress or veil. In general, only unmarried
      > women went around with their hair uncovered. I know some women in the
      > SCA who will wear additional long braided locks if they prefer or
      > can't wear their hair long.
      > Make-up and hair coloring was done in the Middle Ages. Whether it was
      > frowned upon by the church would depend upon the time period and place.
      > Certain make-up, such as lipstick may also have connotations in period
      > that you don't want (harlot, prostitute) but unless you are playing
      > such a persona, this is still the modern age and most people won't
      > make assumptions.
      > There is a lot of information about period make-up and hair care in
      > the PERSONAL CARE section of the Florilegium.
      > My favorite phrase from the hair-dyeing-msg file is:
      > <<< I'm much minded of the Will Cuppy essay where he gives Lucrezia
      > Borgia's hair-bleach formula, and finishes up with "If your hair
      > remained on your head, you were a blonde." >>>
      > So I would be careful when experimenting with any of the period
      > recipes. Lye, arsenic and lead compounds show up in various recipes.
      > I've heard that Queen Elizabeth caked on white lead onto her face to
      > get a pale complexion and by the end of her life she was having to put
      > it on pretty heavy to cover the damage that it had already done.
      > Some files in the PERSONAL CARE section to explore:
      > cosmetics-lnks (10K) 4/18/06 Links to info on medieval cosmetics and
      > perfumes by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
      > cosmetics-msg (16K) 5/13/10 Period cosmetics and skin care.
      > Handcream-art (16K) 6/ 5/00 "Handcream" by Constance de LaRose.
      > handcream-msg (12K) 4/17/08 Medieval lotions and handcreams. recipes.
      > Hand-Lotion-art (4K) 6/21/08 "A Lotion Recipe from Late Period
      > England" by Lady Rebecca the Contrary.
      > hair-msg (94K) 2/ 6/11 Period and SCA hairstyling and care.
      > hair-dyeing-msg (12K) 9/ 4/01 Period hair bleaching and dyeing.
      > Perfumes-bib (20K) 12/26/00 "Perfumes Bibliography" by Nora Siri Bock.
      > perfumes-msg (36K) 9/19/02 Medieval perfumes and pomanders.
      > In the ACCESSORIES section:
      > body-piercngs-msg (4K) 11/27/05 Body piercings, other than for ear
      > rings.
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