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Ich bin auch enfanger (I am a newcomer, too!)

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  • Justinos Tekton called Justin
    File this under the category of, We are all newbies at something! I ve been in the SCA for 20 years, but had a real newcomer experience this weekend. After
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2011
      File this under the category of, "We are all newbies at something!" I've
      been in the SCA for 20 years, but had a real "newcomer" experience this
      weekend. After 20 years of holding offices from Seneschal to Webmaster
      to Chirurgeon, being Pennsic staff multiple times, and even once being a
      corporate officer, I was a Field Herald for the very first time Saturday
      at the Middle Kingdom Rose Tournament!

      I was scared out of my mind that I'd make a mistake. And of course, I
      did not make "a" mistake. I made quite a few, and did so in front over a
      dozen Royal Peers. The SCA being what it is, Their Graces and Their
      Excellencies kindly forgave my mispronunciations, missteps, and other
      gaffes, and I managed to survive the day.

      I have now learned that being a Field Herald is really hard work. It's
      something I have always wanted to try, but {ahem} a Rose Tournament
      (former Queens sponsoring teams of fighters) is probably not the venue I
      would have chosen for my first attempt! Still, it was exhausting but
      fun, and I'll definitely do it again.

      At the end of the day, one of the Countesses who sponsored the
      tournament presented me with a lovely hand-cast token, which I will find
      a way to sew onto one of my pieces of garb or some other cloth item.


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      Maistor Justinos Tekton called Justin (Scott Courtney)
      Gules, on a bezant a fleam sable and on a chief dovetailed Or two keys
      fesswise reversed sable.

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