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  • Stefan li Rous
    I posted this to the Triskele Tavern last night, and realized this morning that some folks here might also be interested so now I m sending it here as well.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2011
      I posted this to the Triskele Tavern last night, and realized this morning that some folks here might also be interested so now I'm sending it here as well.


      Glenna said:
      <<< I have been greeted by one or two good gentles who have blown on my hand instead of a kiss. I found myself charmed and appreciative of the courtesy in not spreading germs from one man to another. I always curtsy or nod my head when being greeted this way. >>>

      Perhaps some arts in the Society need to be learned again, or taught to those who are new. After seeing this and similar comments here, I decided that this article on hand kissing should be made a bit more visible. It has always been in the NEWCOMERS section of the Florilegium but it was buried inside a -msg file. So I am pulling it out as it's own file.

      Hand-Kissing-art (8K) 1/20/11 "Ioseph of Locksley's Handy Guide to Cavalier Hand-Kissing".

      I'm going to take the liberty of posting some of it below. I hope it is useful.

      I, for one, could use more practice. :-(

      -Ioseph of Locksley
      (c) copyright 1993 W.J. Bethancourt III

      Hand-kissing is a wonderful means of greeting a lady. It is very common, and unfortunately very commonly abused, in the SCA. Hopefully, this short article will help us do it right.

      First of all, one kisses the hand in only two social situations:

      1) If you already know the lady, and she offers her hand, or

      2) If you are being introduced to her, and she offers her hand.

      DO NOT run around grabbing any lady's hand, and kissing it, at random. They might just eviscerate you on the spot, and any person witnessing said evisceration will only point and laugh at your social faux pas. Or help out by handing the lady a dull knife or two......if she offers her hand to be kissed, kiss it. If not, DON'T!

      (You can "cue" her to offer her hand by extending yours. Be prepared, however, to convert the extension into a flourish of your reverence to avoid the embarrassment of standing there with your hand out looking like a beggar asking for alms......)

      There are several degrees of hand-kissing:

      1) With -dry lips-, bend over the hand in a courtly manner, and make the motions of a kiss over the back of the hand. Do NOT touch the hand with your lips. This is correct when first introduced, and is always correct in any situation.

      2) With -dry lips-, bow as above, and kiss the back of the hand, GENTLY. This is correct if you know the lady already. It is NOT correct if you have not been introduced previously.

      a) You can express "I am overwhelmed by your beauty" by not simply bowing, but by -kneeling- before you kiss her hand. This gives a good opportunity to look longingly into her eyes. Make sure her arm will reach you as you kneel....if you yank her over on top of you, you will need to move to another planet and change your name. Remember the axiom: "The Society -never- forgets!" Or, if you are lucky, accept your evisceration stoically.

      The above forms are the generally accepted means of hand-kissing.

      What follows are more -intimate- kisses that should NOT be done simply whenever you want to, but ONLY to those ladies that would enjoy it........and be ready to apologize PROFUSELY if they take offense! If you are unsure AT ALL of the lady's reaction, DON'T DO IT. You don't know her well enough to do it if you can't be -absolutely sure- of her response. (Don't let your own ego get in the way of your analysis of her possible reactions...!!) And, needless to say, (but it -must- be said) these last three are extremely -off limits- to ladies under legal age!

      3) Bend over the hand, gently turn it over, and, with -dry lips-, kiss the -palm-. This implies extreme admiration for her beauty, and adoration-at-a-distance. Close the lady's hand on the kiss, afterwards, and murmur something nice, like "I pray you, keep this as a memory of me..."

      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas StefanliRous@...
      **** See Stefan's Florilegium files at: http://www.florilegium.org ****
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