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Re: Event /Autocrat question

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Maryelizabeth (Apolonia?) commented:
    Message 1 of 21 , Jan 9, 2011
      Maryelizabeth (Apolonia?) commented:
      <<< The Scadian issues and the personal/private issues are all worked out, and taken care of, to everyone's satisfaction (especially that of my son and his girlfriend.) >>>

      I have at various times heard the SCA compared to being like a family, sometimes said in tones of exasperation. And while I have a file on that theme, these are the ones that were first occurring to me.

      SCA-romance-msg (40K) 2/13/06 SCA romances and meeting SOs in the SCA.

      romance-today-msg (16K) 9/ 5/10 Romantic ideas from period to use today.

      It isn't uncommon for folks to meet in the SCA and later get married. Divorced, too. But I did say the SCA is like family...


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