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wooden utensils, bone, horn, copper, iron utensil care

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Apollonia asked:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2011
      Apollonia asked:
      <<< I am hoping to buy both bowls and plates made of wood. I have the oval steak plates now that are out of wood, but realize that they are passibly period at best. I am on a budget so cannot afford the fancy pewter that really caught my eye, but have seen that the wood plates are nice if taken care of.>>>

      I'm sorry, but I'm on the digest version so I answered your pervious question before seeing this one.

      While new "Pewter" plates, actually a modern alloy without lead, can be purchased new for about $24 each!, I have collected my series of plates, bowls and mugs, all in a similar style, for about $6 for the large dining plates and $4 for the smaller salad/dessert plates and around $6 for the two soup bowls. But it took looking at multiple flea markets, thrift stores and SCA merchants over several years.

      Wood plates and stamped metal plates can be had much cheaper. I started with the latter and gradually replaced them as I managed to buy the pewter pieces.

      In general the heavier the wood construction the longer they will last. The cheapest look like they are made from pieces of wood glued into a flat plane and then pressed into shape. The best are carved from one piece of wood. The biggest hint on caring for wooden tableware is to not let them soak in water for a long time.

      This file in the FOOD-UTENSILS section gives a good rundown on caring for wooden utensils.

      wood-utn-care-msg (16K) 5/15/08 Care of utensils made of wood.

      For others who have different types of eating ware, perhaps these files might also be of use:
      potry-utn-care-msg (6K) 8/18/09 Care of pottery cooking utensils.

      However, I don't think it says "be careful not to drop them". That is why pottery tends to have a short lifetime with me. I don't have that problem with pewter, but foods in them do lose heat or cold fast.

      bone-utn-care-msg (6K) 2/ 4/08 Caring for bone and bone-handled utensils.

      horn-utn-care-msg (7K) 3/26/05 Care of utensils made of horn.

      cppr-utn-care-msg (10K) 8/21/09 Care and cleaning of copper utensils.

      iron-pot-care-msg (40K) 4/ 2/08 Seasoning and caring for iron pots and skillets.

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