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Re: [SCA Newcomers] re: Feast gear question

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  • Bambi TBNL
    YOu might also try looking at art from the period you are considering. Many times a banquet  scene is implied by painting dishes and food into the
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      YOu might also try looking at art from the period you are considering. Many times a "banquet  " scene is implied by painting dishes and food into the background if not near the subject. I actually have found things in thrift shops that I would have never noticed it I hadnt seen something similar in a painting somewhere...sure they are usually cheap decorator items...not even suitable for being near food but then I could carry them around with me to help me find the right piece or even better consult with an SCA artisan to help  maufacture what is appropriate for you.
      That being said, honey in the beginning I just purchased wooden plate , bowls and goblets as I could get from the thriftshops and stuff to tide me over till the right thing came along.
      And actually, going to feasts with that got me a lot of helpful suggestions as to where I could find what I was looking for. Oh, and in the mean time, some nice SCA folk helped me work them out by wood burning my badge into them .
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      Apollonia asked:

      <<< I m wondering which shape for plates is the most period - oval, round, or square.

      We are buying new feast gear and want to get as period as we can with the dishes. >>>

      What time period and region? What material? brass?, pottery?, wood?

      Off the top of my head I think I've seen more round, oval and maybe rectangular in that order. But also remember that for several centuries in the High Middle Ages it was more common to use trenchers (special bread cut in slices or pieces of special bread). I've heard that these often had flat wooden boards/trenchers under them, but you often can't tell.

      These files might be of general help. In the Florilegium UTENSILS section:

      eating-plates-msg (18K) 7/25/09 Period eating plates. Roundels.


      p-tableware-msg (66K) 12/27/06 Period tableware. Period references


      For more general information on feastgear for SCA use, in the FEASTS section:

      feastgear-msg (44K) 3/24/08 Obtaining feastgear for use in the SCA.cleaning wooden feastgear.




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