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Re: codpieces

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Maryelizabeth replied to my story about codpieces with:
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 19, 2010
      Maryelizabeth replied to my story about codpieces with:
      <<< This is so funny! Peter's codpiece is just a triangular one, although without his permission, I am making a more shapely one (the egg shape that is found in the Patterns of Fashion book). Unfortunately, he will not allow me to make a functional one and is always saying how he doesn't want folks staring at his "junk" but really - a Landsknecht that is modest? I just had to be the one to have a kid like that. Ah well, he is young yet... (I am guessing he would KILL me if I put a squeaky toy in one...) >>>

      I guess your son is a bit too shy for further embellishment. Such as in this story, also in the same codpieces-msg Florilegium file:

      << Heleen Greenwald wrote:
      > All of a sudden, I have this incredible urge to make a cod piece out of
      > multiple colors of marzipan.
      > Phillipa

      Nothing you do will equal the codpiece of Sir Gaston, which featured nice dark glass beads... or so you'd thought until he activitated the switch that turned on the sequence of LED's. Landing lights?

      Selene >>

      See, sometimes the discussion on the SCA-Cooks list wanders a bit from period food. I still recommend the list for anyone interested in learning about cooking and period foods. You can sign up on the mailing list page on the Ansteorra server, www.ansteorra.org

      And a little bit on Landsknects for you and your son.
      Landsknechts-bib (12K) 3/ 3/03 A bibliography on German mercenary soldiers by Master Magnus Malleus.

      Landsknechts-msg (12K) 4/10/05 German mercenaries of the 16th Century.

      These are in the CULTURES section. Perhaps someday I can get someone to write or let me add their article on Landsknecht clothing.

      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
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