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Re: We have "recruited" another new SCA member... (longish)

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  • jjpjjp123
    Just thought you d like to know, I definitely appreciate your website! Kathryn of Kiel
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 15, 2010
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      Just thought you'd like to know, I definitely appreciate your website!

      Kathryn of Kiel

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Stefan li Rous <stefanlirous@...> wrote:
      > Maryelizabeth replied to me with:
      > <<< Thank you for the links to the articles in your Florilegum. We have complete tents (poles, ropes, stakes, etc) and are going to paint floor cloths. I have the designs about chosen from the book, "Old English Tile Designs" by Carol Belanger Grafton (ISBN - 0-486-24777-5) >>>
      > An interesting idea. I've heard a little about such tiles but never researched it or seen any articles on them. Many of us end of with Middle Eastern type carpet designs because we simply buy the large woven plastic "doggy" mats. You can find them at dog shows and I found mine on sale at a local Asian market. These are made of woven recycled plastic. One of the advantages is that while they get wet, the water seems to seep right through them to the ground.
      > There are some files in the Florilegium and elsewhere on painting fabrics which might be good on methods.
      > <<< We would like to have an official group that is closer, but are concentrating more on a household. After asking around, it seems the easiest and also the more fun of the options, at least for now. >>>
      > Sounds like you were already ahead of me, there. Once the household is big enough or perhaps after another nearby household has formed, you can always then consider starting an official group with these households forming the nucleus of the group. Just try to be inclusive and don't get a household vs. group mentality going for that could destroy both.
      > <<< Although we currently have two tents, a fly would be nice, as well as maybe one small a-frame tent in case it is needed for any extra folks we might bring along another time. We are planning right now for and event in February (YMIR) and so far, the sewing is coming along.>>>
      > Are there camping events in Ohio in February? Brrrr. Here in Ansteorra, camping events tend to stop in November and not start up again until February or March.
      > Short, but just in case it might be of use:
      > shade-pavilns-msg (8K) 9/29/08 Shade pavilions for tourney field and camp.
      > http://www.florilegium.org/files/DWELLINGS/shade-pavilns-msg.html
      > In the STRUCTURES section of the Florilegium. You may have seen it already, though. I think you said you bought your two tents? A fly or shade pavilion should be much easier to sew and figure out the pattern for. There are some files in this same section on choosing the appropriate fabric for tents and sun shades.
      > <<< I want to thank you for your Florilegium. I think that your collection is so very helpful and has really given me (as well as my family) a wealth of information not always found so easily on the internet.>>>
      > Thank you for letting me know. I've wondered how much use it might still be with all the other stuff on the net now. If people are getting tired to my messages pointing to specific files here, just let me know and I'll cease or cut back. But I like to think that even if the person I'm replying to doesn't need a specific file, someone else on this list might find it of interest.
      > Stefan
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